Vaja debuts new cases for iPhone, iPod touch, classic, nano 3G

Vaja, maker of luxury leather goods, has introduced a myriad of new cases for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, and iPod nano (with video). For the iPod classic, Vaja is offering the same line of cases it offers for the fifth-generation iPod, save for the Crystal, which has been supplanted in the classic lineup by the Crystal 2. In addition to the company’s previously announced iPhone cases, the company is now offering a Crystal 2 case for iPhone with an open front for direct access to the device’s touchscreen. It sells for $220 and up. It has also released the i-Volution Silver for iPhone, which adds silver appliques to the traditional i-Volution design and sells for $280 and upward, and the i-Volution Top Visor, which combines the company’s previous Holster, Top Holster, and i-Volution designs in a case that might best be described as a hybrid holster/traditional case. It includes three screen protectors, and sells for $90 and up. Finally for the iPhone, Vaja has released its i-Volution Grip, a holster-style case with a clip at the top for added stability and a two-tone rear design.

It starts at $60.

Vaja debuts new cases for iPhone, iPod touch, classic, nano 3G

For the iPod touch, Vaja has introduced its i-Voution Top SP Holster, a holster-style case with a flip-up cover for the device’s screen that also features a contrast stripe down the front. The i-Volution Top Holster is a similar case, but lacks the SP’s contrast stripe. Pricing for the Top Holster starts at $70, while the SP version runs $10 more. Also available for the iPod touch is the i-Volution, a traditional case with openings for access to the device’s screen, power button, and bottom ports, as well as an optional clip system. It starts at $80. The i-Volution Holster is a holster-style case offering protection for the touch’s sides and back, and allowing access to all ports and controls.

It runs from $55 and up. The Classic for iPod touch is also a traditional case, offering cut-outs for access to the device’s screen and headphone jack, a push-through home button, and a slimmer design than that of the similar i-Volution. It sells from $60 and up. Finally for the iPod touch, the Classic Top Retro adds a single-striped flip-back cover for the device’s front to the traditional Classic case, as well as an optional clip system and magnetic closure. It starts at $70.

imageFor the iPod nano, Vaja is offering the i-Volution Grip with Hook, which is a holster-style case with a built-in metal hook. It offers access to all controls and ports, and starts at $55.