Vaja unveils new iPod nano cases


Vaja has introduced its first cases for Apple’s iPod nano. Like all cases from the company, they’re made from Argentine high-ended leather and can be customized with numerous color options and added features. Vaja offers further personalization with your embossed name or logo.

Vaja unveils new iPod nano cases

The Vaja AP171 case ($34) features a screen protector and access to the headphone port, hold switch and dock connector. The case is available with an optional metal hook, Ultra Clip, or Rivet Clip system, and can also be ordered with a click wheel protector.

imageVaja’s AP161 case ($40) sports a flip-down front cover with a screen protector and access to the headphone port and hold switch when closed, and access to the dock connector when open. The AP161 is available with the Ultra Clip or Rivet Clip system and can also be customized.

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