New images and a video showing what appear to be altered iPhone 4 metal bands have appeared online, leading to speculation that the new parts are for the yet to be announced Verizon iPhone. SmartPhone Medic has posted photos it received from “a very reliable source” that shows many small changes, including four black bands as opposed to three—several of which have been repositioned—as well as a slight repositioning of the volume buttons and ring/silent switch. Curiously, the new part retains the SIM card slot of the current iPhone 4, suggesting that if the band is indeed from a Verizon iPhone, it will offer both CDMA and GSM functionality. GlobalDirectParts posted a video of what appears to be the same side panel, showing off the piece in detail before ending with a shot of what appears to be a fully assembled product, with the promise of more information next week. While it’s possible that the part is from an iPhone 4 clone, it appears to be very similar to the current generation’s side panel, lending credence to the idea that it is meant for an iPhone 4 that has been revised in some way.

Charles Starrett

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