Verizon site shows white iPhone 4, wrong specs

Despite the fact that the white model was not mentioned during today’s press event, the white version of the iPhone 4 is shown on Verizon’s website. After clicking on the “More About iPhone 4” link found on the newest iPhone carrier’s iPhone splash page, a pop-over appears with a design similar to that of the iPhone section of Apple’s website. Within the Tech Specs section of the popover, the white iPhone 4 is shown as an option under “Capacity and Color,” while the “Cellular, wireless, and location” tab shows information for the GSM variant of the device, and the images found on the “Size and weight,” “External buttons and controls,” and “Connectors, I/O and sensors” pages depict the GSM model as well, with the older antenna design visible. Apple said in October that it was delaying the launch of the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011 without providing details as to why the device remains unavailable.

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