Verizon’s 5G broadband service to include Apple TV 4K

As part of the launch of its new 5G broadband service, Verizon will be offering subscribers an Apple TV 4K set-top box alongside a YouTube TV subscription, Variety reports. A report last month revealed that Verizon was seeking a partnership with Apple to be a television provider for its new wireless broadband television service, which will initially be launching later this year in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. While it appears that, for now at least, Verizon has partnered with Google’s YouTube TV to provide content delivery — perhaps not surprising considering Apple has not yet revealed a timeline for its own video content service — Apple will be providing the set-top box that powers the new platform.

Specific details fo the offer are not yet available — Verizon says that it will be announcing that information closer to the actual launch of the service — but Variety notes that it seems likely that the YouTube TV will be bundled for a limited time. Of course, the Apple TV 4K will provide access to a myriad of other content services, undoubtedly including Apple’s own video streaming service once it launches. It’s unclear however, whether the Apple TV 4K will be offered as part of a loan/rental program or provided to customers outright.

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