Video compares next-gen iPhone panel to 4S


Video compares next-gen iPhone panel to 4S

A new video has emerged comparing a purported front panel from a next-generation iPhone to that of an iPhone 4S. The video, posted by parts company Etrade Supply and available for viewing in embedded form below, is accompanied by a blog entry that offers up several still comparison photos. Together, they show that the next-gen iPhone’s screen will indeed be roughly 4 inches in size. The next-gen panel is also shown to be thinner—0.91mm thick, compared to 1mm for the iPhone 4S—and more transparent. The ambient light sensor has been moved to the side of the earpiece on the new panel, and the Home button is 0.3mm smaller in diameter than on the iPhone 4S, which also features larger top and bottom bezels. Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPhone at a special media event on September 12. [via MacRumors | iPhoneinCanada]

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