Video shows Android running on jailbroken iPhone

iPhone hacker planetbeing has uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating a version of the Android OS running on the iPhone. The hack is done through a modified version of OpeniBoot, which allows the user to select which operating system will be used to launch the phone. Once loaded, the modified Android build offers support for telephony, Wi-Fi, browsing, and media playback. Notably, the hack was performed using a first-generation iPhone; planetbeing claims that it “should be pretty simple to port forward to the iPhone 3G,” but that the iPhone 3GS “will take more work.” Continue reading to watch the video in embedded form.

  1. I wonder if they can’t get it running as well as Windows runs under BootCamp.
    Didn’t PC World write an article that a MacBook is the best Windows Laptop on the market?

  2. At step back? I wouldn’t be too sure about that 🙂

    It’s quite likely that if the phone was truly accessible (ie not requiring jailbreak) we’d see a full fledged Android OS that uses more of the hardware features than the Apple OS does, and allows for multitasking and more. Who knows what can happen in an open Apple hardware world….

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