Codent technologies, makers of iPod+, have released RSS2iCal, a new web script (based on Noel Jackson‘s RSSiCal). It enables iCal users to view RSS/RDF news feeds in iCal. With iSync, it’s an “iSynch” to port those vCals over to the iPod for news feeds on the go. (It will also, of course, sync to Palm devices and any other device iSync handles).

There are no special applications to install or new user interfaces to learn; the content is fully managed in iCal. The site provides some standard feeds, but any RSS/RDF url (such as iLounge’s news feed) can be subscribed to or viewed. Users can either subscribe to a feed or view it one time. Subscriptions require at least OS 10.2, iCal, iSync and a compatible device.