viewTunes Jukebox for Mac, Windows released

Amphonic Designs has released viewTunes Jukebox 1.0 for both Mac OS X and Windows XP. The new software is a “powerful music player that offers a better way to enjoy your music library.” viewTunes allows iTunes users to visually browse their music collection by album cover with a mouse, remote or touch screen. The $12 software also lets users quickly access artist information, concert schedules, and music videos from the web.
“No need to maintain multiple music libraries. viewTunes Jukebox uses the iTunes Music Library to determine what music is available, so any music added to iTunes is automatically available to viewTunes Jukebox,” explains the developer. “viewTunes Jukebox is not meant as a replacement for iTunes. Instead, it compliments iTunes ability to manage a great amount of information by offering a better user interface that is focused on the music itself.”

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