Russian security software firm Kaspersky Lab claims that it has discovered the first virus to infect iPods, but said the “proof of concept” virus does not pose a real threat. Kaspersky said the virus, named Podloso, will only run on iPods that have had Linux installed over the original Apple software, and that the virus files must to be loaded onto the iPod by the user. Also, Podloso cannot spread to other iPods.

“Once launched, the virus scans the device’s hard disk and infects all executable .elf format files,” explains Kaspersky. “Any attempt to launch these files will cause the virus to display a message on the screen which says “You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus.’ It does not have a malicious payload and is unable to spread on its own: a user has to save the virus to the iPod for the device to become infected.”

LC Angell

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