Vodafone has announced its plans and pricing for the iPhone 3G in Italy, Portugal, and New Zealand. In Italy (Translated link), Vodafone will offer three main plans – Facile Large, Special Edition, and Facile Medium. Facile Large offers 900 minutes and 900 SMS for €99 (~$156) a month, Special Edition offers a maximum of 7,000 minutes and 7,000 SMS to Vodafone numbers in addition to 250 all-purpose minutes and texts for €79 (~$124) a month, while Facile Medium includes 400 minutes and 400 texts for €59 (~$93) a month. All three plans offer 600MB of data. With the Large plan on a two-year contract, the 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for €49 (~$77) and the 16GB model for €119 (~$187), while selection of the Special Edition plan brings the prices to €99 and €169 (~$265), respectively. A two-year agreement on the Medium plan sets the prices at €199 (~$313) for the 8GB model and €269 (~$423) for the 16GB version. None of the plans include free Wi-Fi.

In Portugal, Vodafone will offer three iPhone plans — Best iPhone 100, Best iPhone 230, and Best iPhone 500, each including 250MB of data, and either 100, 230, or 500 minutes and texts, respectively. Monthly pricing is €29.90 (~$47) for the 100 plan, €44.90 (~$71) for the 230, and €64.90 (~$102) for the 500; an iPhone data add-on will be offered for customers who want to use the iPhone 3G with an existing plan, it will include 250MB of data for €19.90 (~$31) a month. iPhone 3G handset pricing will range between €129.90 (~$204) and €389.90 (~$613) depending on the model and which plan the customer chooses for their 24-month contract; the phone will also be offered without a contract for €499.90 (~$786) for the 8GB model and €599.90 (~$943) for the 16GB.

Finally, in New Zealand, Vodafone will again offer three plans for the iPhone 3G: iPhone 250, iPhone 500, and iPhone 1GB. The 250 plans offers 120 minutes and 250MB of data for NZD80 (~$60) a month, the 500 plans steps up to 250 minutes and 500MB of data for NZD130 (~$98) a month, and the 1GB plan offers 600 minutes and 1GB of data for NZD250 (~$188) a month. All three plans include 600 SMS texts, and data add-ons will be offered for current customers for NZD29.95 (~$23) a month for 200MB and NZD49.95 (~$38) for 1GB. Pricing on the iPhone 3G handset will vary depending on what 24-month plan the customer chooses: it will cost NZD549 (~$413) for the 8GB and NZD699 (~$526) for the 16GB with the 250 plan, NZD449 (~$338) and NZD599 (~$451) with the 500 plan, and NZD199 (~$150) and NZD349 (~$262) with the 1GB plan; both models will also be offered without a contract for NZD979 (~$736) and NZD1129 (~$849), respectively.

Charles Starrett

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