Wacom debuts Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad

Wacom debuts Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad 1

Wacom has announced the Intuos Creative Stylus ($100), a new professional-grade, pressure-sensitive stylus designed specifically for the iPad. Although Wacom is well known in the industry for its dedicated tablets and other drawing peripherals — including the comparably simple Bamboo Stylus — this marks its first electronic iPad drawing accessory.

Wacom debuts Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad 2

The new Intuos stylus is powered by a single included AAAA battery, uses a Bluetooth 4 connection to communicate with the iPad, and promises over 150 hours of life on a single battery. The package includes a carrying case with both an extra battery and additional nibs, promising compatibility with the iPad mini as well as third- and fourth-generation iPad models. As with other electronic iPad styli, application-specific support is required to communicate with the stylus.

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  1. Cool, I guess? But it’s not more accurate than the Pogo Connect, and not nearly as accurate as the Jot Touch 4. And the Touch 4 is cheaper.

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