Wadia Digital ships iTransport digital iPod dock


Wadia Digital has announced that it is now shipping its 170iTransport Advanced iPod Docking Station. First announced in January, Wadia claims the iTransport is the “first digital player dock to retrieve a direct digital signal from an iPod.” The dock bypasses the iPod’s internal D/A conversion and output stage, allowing for a bit-perfect S/PDIF digital audio output from full-resolution file formats (such as .WAV and Apple Lossless) stored on iPod nano (video), iPod classic, or iPod touch models. The iTransport also offers a high-resolution component video output, analog audio and s-video outputs, and limited compatibility with older docking iPod models. It comes with a coaxial digital cable, iPod dock inserts for all compatible models, and an IR remote control. The Wadia Digital iTransport Advanced iPod Docking Station is available now and sells for $379.

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