Warner offers iTunes Digital Download with 10,000 BC Blu-ray

Warner Home Video has unexpectedly unveiled an alternative to Apple’s iTunes Digital Copy program with the Blu-ray release of its movie 10,000 BC. iTunes Digital Copy, which first debuted via a partnership between Apple and Twentieth Century Fox, provides customers who purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc with an additional, iTunes-compatible digital copy of the movie. As noted on Warner’s 10,000BC web site, the Blu-ray Disc version of the film provides buyers with an iTunes-ready Digital Download rather than an on-disc add-on due to capacity constraints, the first time that the extra has been offered as a download. According to a report, the iTunes-ready file will not be offered on the DVD version of the film. Apple unveiled the iTunes Digital Copy program in January; since then, Lionsgate has also announced its intentions to include iTunes Digital Copies on select DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Neither Apple nor Warner has released any official announcement regarding the partnership.

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