Web previews popping up for some Apple TV apps

Apple has started making preview pages for some Apple TV apps viewable in iTunes from a web browser, finally making it easier to share links to interesting apps with friends, or on social media. While iOS and Mac apps have been visible in iTunes web previews for years, this is a new development for tvOS — it should solve a big problem for developers trying to link to their apps from their own websites or social media pages. First spotted by Twitter user Jeff Scott, the new iTunes previews don’t feature an ability to buy or download the apps since that would need to be done on the Apple TV itself.
So far it seems some Apple TV-only apps are showing a web preview with their Apple TV screenshots in the browser, but it’s unclear how many. The improvement has its limitations too, as links to apps that support both iOS and tvOS only deliver the iOS result. The links also currently return an error when accessed on an iOS device, so for the time being it seems like a desktop or laptop is the only way to access them. [via MacStories]


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