Welcome to the new iLounge.com!

Welcome to the new iLounge.com! 1

Today, we’ve launched an all-new version of the iLounge web site — seriously streamlined to improve as much of the user experience as possible. The biggest change you’ll notice is the replacement of our old top-of-page, ever-moving “randomizer” with a static collection of our most important links, one each for the iPhone, iPad, iPod/iTunes, Apple TV, and Mac, with a large link to the most noteworthy accessory we’ve recently covered. But there are lots of other changes, too.


Near the top of each page, you’ll see an improved navigation bar, focused more squarely on the news, reviews, features, forums, and Mac coverage we’re highlighting. Hover over or touch the nav bar and you’ll see photographs and links within our site’s sections, enabling you to easily see what individual articles have inside.

Occupying the majority of our main page, you’ll also find an easily browsable stream of all of our latest content, sortable by News, First Looks, Reviews, Apps, Articles, and Giveaways if you only want to see one type of article at a given time. This column is bigger than ever before, so you can enjoy larger pictures and text before you click through to the article. We’ve also moved voting, contests, our newsletter signups, and deals into a box right next to the main column.

We’re still tweaking the new site, so don’t be surprised if you notice a little issue here or there. Enjoy the new iLounge!

  1. Well done! I like the new layout, and navigating the site seems much snappier now. (now, if you could just get the human verification process for adding comments working smoothly …)

  2. On the main iLounge page, the dates of articles no longer appear underneath the clickable article headline. Please consider restoring these dates.

    Otherwise, the new layout is great, and I really appreciate the careful thought that went into the website redesign. I visit iLounge often, and the new site design provides an even nicer experience.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, folks. There are still a number of tweaks we’re making, and bringing back the dates on the main column is definitely on that list, as well as working out the other bugs.

  4. I like the redesign, but unless I am missing something, I do not see a way to see older articles. The front page shows about 10 articles only. If I go to the archives, then I get a page navigation controls where I can go back and see older articles. Does one really need to go to the archives just to see yesterdays’s posts?

  5. @4: Click on “NEWS” directly in the orange bar, which shows you all recent news articles going back several days.

  6. Great job guys. Looking good.
    It’s been a while since I checked in. It seems like just the other day when we were exchanging high-fives at CES and MacWorld.

    Keep up the awesome.

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