White iPhone 4 launch imminent, to arrive April 27?

Apple appears to be readying for the launch of the white iPhone 4, according to a pair of new reports. 9 to 5 Mac, citing information from a Dutch source, claims the handset will launch on April 27, with limited stock at first.

The report also claims that T-Mobile will have a one month exclusive on the long-awaited handset in the Netherlands, and that units are already arriving in stores, with embargo stickers on the packages that state “do not open until April 27.” Engadget, meanwhile, has posted a photo of sealed white iPhone 4 package, which it claims was sold to a Vodafone UK customer, after which the company halted sales of the handset “until next week.” Apple has repeatedly promised that the white iPhone 4 would launch this Spring.

Update: Engadget has now posted a photo of the Vodafone white iPhone 4 unboxed, revealing a redesigned proximity sensor.

Instead of the array of small dots seen in the original white iPhone 4, the new version’s proximity sensor area is a black oval, possibly suggesting that Apple had problems with the previous design.