White iPhone 4 listings appear at AT&T

Charles Starrett
By Charles Starrett  - Senior Editor

Following appearances in the inventory systems of Vodafone Germany and Best Buy, a pair of listings for the white iPhone 4 have appeared in AT&T’s Online Account Management system.

The listings, pointed to by Boy Genius Report, read as “iPhone 4 – 16GB White” and “iPhone 4 – 32GB White” and offer further evidence that the long-awaited variant may be close to launch.

The prior listings in Best Buy’s inventory system listed a release date of February 27, however, it is unclear whether this will be the actual release date, as the 27th is a Sunday and Apple typically launches new products on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday in order to generate larger totals of launch weekend sales.

Charles Starrett
By Charles Starrett Senior Editor
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