Windows: DeviceLink 1.0 for MoodLogic Released

MoodLogic announces the official release of DeviceLink, a program designed to connect MoodLogic’s groundbreaking and award-winning music identification tool with hard-drive based mp3 players, including the iPod.  MoodLogic’s DeviceLink works with your Windows iPod under Win98 SE/ME, Win 2000, and Win XP.
In December 2002 CNet’s Best 100 Products of the Year Awards named
MoodLogic the Best Music Organizer.  MoodLogic has the world’s
largest music meta-database containing descriptive information on
millions of songs.  When you have your music in MoodLogic and use
DeviceLink, you will be able to take advantage of this database and
handle songs and playlists with unprecedented ease.  DeviceLink even
generates and labels playlists for you automatically (think “Mellow R&B”
or “Upbeat Dance”) and transfers them to your iPod. All with a few

Find out why MoodLogic is the perfect match for the iPod.  You have the
world’s best MP3 player; get the best music organizer and transfer
software as well.  Try it for FREE now.

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