Windows: iPodRip 2.0 released

Put control of the iPod back in your hands with iPodRip, with the ultimate iPod companion. iPodRip supports importing of your songs to iTunes or a location on your hard drive as well as playback of songs.
What’s new in this version:

It now contains support for importing songs directly into iTunes (requires 4.5 or later) while retaining your play count and ratings information.

iPodRip also supports importing songs to your hard drive and the playback of audio directly from your iPod all within a familiar interface to iTunes users.

The next release will focus on importing playlists and bringing the feature set up to line with the Macintosh version.

iPodRip will run, without limitation, for 10 sessions. After you use all of the 10 sessions, you’ll need to purchase iPodRip to use any of the application’s functionality. To purchase iPodRip, simply open the application and select “Registration…” from the “Help” menu.

System Requirements:

iPodRip works with Windows 2000 or XP.

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