Windows: iStory Creator 3.3 beta released

The iStory Creator is an application made to help people create their very own iPod Text Adventure Games. It allows people with absolutely no html or coding experience be able to contribute games for the iPod that are both fun and detailed.

Basically, iStories are Text Games that have a plot line and then when certain things happen in the story, the user can make choices that effect how the story progresses. This can lead to games that are similar to RPG’s, Quiz Games, and basically anything you can think of doing with a text based game.

The iStories are very similar to a “Choose your own ending” type of novel and will make for some great entertainment.
What’s new in this version:

(.1) Added ability for users to check for and then automatically update version if neccessary.
(.1) Fixed theme change so that both tabs are affected by theme
(.1) Now the width you set of the side pagemenu is saved between uses
(.1) Fixed several smaller errors
(.1) Optimized a few messy coded areas
(.1) Slight tweak to encompass a wider range of user resolutions
(.2) Added an in-program way to view release notes
(.2) Changed the titles for various popups
(.2) Fixed “Check Version Update” so that new version is installed once detected like intended.
(.3) Added the “Publish Story” functionality allowing users to compress their stories automatically into a zip archive under “Tools—> Publish Story”
(.3) Fixed Several Hotkey Incompatibilities

License: Freeware
System Requirements: Windows and .NET Framework 1.1 (installed)