Windows: iTunes SideKick v1.2.0 Released

The iTunes SideKick plug-in adds several enhancements to iTunes for Windows, including Always on Top, Minimize to System Tray, Opacity Adjustment of Mini Mode window and more.
What’s new in this version:
1. Always on Top (mini mode window)
2. Minimize to System Tray
3. Current Artist and Song Name in Systray ToolTip
4. Opacity Adjustment of Mini Mode window
5. New About Window.
6. Show in system Tray Only (Mini Mode)

Please read the Readme.txt for installation instructions.. They are very straight foward.. You simply put the .dll into the Plug-Ins dir.. Anyways..

Please remove any other “Always on Top” Mods/Plugins you may have before running iTunes with this plugin.. Who knows what will happen.. hehe..

Please make sure that you have “Show in System Tray” in the iTunes Advanced option menu checked.

Ok well thats it, Download Away… Report any bugz..

I provide this plug-in for free and host it on my server for free.. I will never charge for one of my iTunes mods but I would like to request that if you can, please donate some money to me thru PayPal… Every little bit helps…

License: Freeware
System Requirements: Windows

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