Withings resurrects its classic fitness tracker design with Pulse HR

Two months ago, Withings made its triumphant return to the digital health business as an independent company with Steel HR Sport, a multi-sport hybrid smartwatch focused on fitness and aesthetics that built upon the company’s 2014 Activité, and the company hasn’t slowed down since it gained its independence from Nokia earlier this year. Today, Withings has announced Pulse HR, an
upgraded and reimagined version of its highly-acclaimed 2013 Pulse. Pulse HR is designed for users looking for a classic, standalone activity tracker rather than a full watch, and boosts a modernized design that incorporates a reinforced black polycarbonate surface within a 316L stainless steel casing. A black soft silicone wristband is included, that users can swap out for other color options if they prefer something more in line with their personal style.

Withings resurrects its classic fitness tracker design with Pulse HR

A built-in OLED display allows users to view time and date, heart rate, calories burned, progress toward activity goals, real-time workout information, and even smartphone notifications.

Pulse HR’s PPG (photoplethysmography) heart rate sensor measures the wearer’s pulse in 10-minute intervals throughout the day and night, as well as providing continuous heart rate measurements during workout sessions, providing users with a breakdown of their heart rate zones to help track their levels between workouts and reach their fitness goals. Like the Steel Sport HR, Pulse HR provides multipart tracking for over 30 different activities, ranging from yoga, volleyball, and rowing to boxing, skiing, and ice hockey and users can select their preferred activity right on the tracker display, customizing which options are available via Withings’ Health Mate app on their iPhone. Pulse HR can also automatically recognize 10 common activities such as walking, running, and swimming.

A twenty-day battery life also means Pulse HR can be worn night and day, providing for the ability to track sleep patterns and offer sleep analysis, and can vibrate to wake users up at the most optimal times during their sleep cycle. Pulse HR is priced at $129.95 and is available for pre-order today. It is expected to ship on Dec. 5, 2018.