Withings unveils BPM Core Blood Pressure, ECG, and Digital Stethoscope Monitor

Withings has announced a new slate of health monitoring devices — the first new devices to come out in this category since before the company’s erstwhile and unfruitful sojourn in the hands of Nokia. After being repurchased by its original founder, Withings made its comeback last fall with new fitness trackers, and now this week at CES the company has unveiled a new collection of heart and blood pressure monitoring accessories. Withings’ new BPM Core dramatically expands on the concept behind the company’s classic Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, taking it beyond simple and clinically accurate blood pressure monitoring into a full in-home cardiovascular monitor that can also provide ECG monitoring to identify atrial fibrillation (AFib), as well as a digital stethoscope that can provide early detection of valvular heart disease. Multiple studies have found a correlation between high blood pressure, AFib, and valvuvar damage, but the latter conditions often go undiagnosed for longer periods of time because symptoms can be easily missed if they do not occur during an actual doctors visit. BPM Core communicates wirelessly with Withings’ Health Mate app and includes a rechargeable battery that can performs hundreds of measurements on a single charge. The app will capture the results from the three different measurements, providing a snapshot of current state as well as maintaining a historical record of cardiovascular health and offering an assessment of heart activity to identify potential problems. All data from BPM Core, including actual audio recordings of heart activity, can also be easily shared with medical professionals. Withings BPM Core is expected to be available in Q2 2019 for $249.95 in both the U.S. and European markets; it is currently under review for FDA and CE clearance.

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