Wrappers unveils Sleeves for iPhone 3G

Wrappers has introduced its new Sleeves and Shiny Sleeves for the iPhone 3G. Original Sleeves offer a simple pouch-style design with an alcantara exterior in Slate Black, Jubilee Red, Otter Grey, or Metal Grey, microfiber lining, and an optional elastic band.  Wrappers Sleeves for iPhone 3G are priced at £11, or around $23. Wrappers new Shiny Sleeves for iPhone 3G are made from waterproof polished polyurethane, offer a slim profile, and feature 100% Thai silk lining in one of five colors. Wrappers Shiny Sleeves for iPhone 3G will sell for £14, or around $29. Both cases are expected to be available from July 11.

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