X-Plane adds simulated system failures


Laminar Research has released another update to its X-Plane series of flight simulator apps for iOS devices adding simulated systems failures to the experience. Continuing its focus on developing the most realistic flight simulator experiences possible on the iOS platform, Laminar has been consistently updating the entire collection of X-Plane applications with new planes and scenery, new aircraft features and regular tweaks to the flight dynamics for the different aircraft.

Version 9.7 brings X-Plane’s realism to a new level by adding a plethora of system failures that the user can optionally enable and practice dealing with, much like actual flight instructors would do. System failures available in X-Plane 9.7 include flight-control failures, engine failures, landing gear failures, tire blowouts, brake failures and even bird strikes which can be configured to take place instantly or randomly. Failures such as bird-strikes may even cascade into additional systems failures. The aerodynamics and flight model will respond accordingly to systems failures, making the aircraft more difficult to handle and creating unique challenges.

X-Plane for the iPhone and iPod touch is available in several versions divided by category of aircraft: the original X-Plane 9 ($5) includes a series of general aviation aircraft ranging from the venerable Cessna 172 to the concept single-engine Cirrus Jet, with other specific versions available such as X-Plane Airliner ($5), X-Plane Helicopter ($5) and X-Plane Extreme ($5) and more. The iPad version, X-Plane for iPad ($10) includes the full collection of different aircraft and locations from the various iPhone versions all within a single app in an interface optimized for iPad users.


Jesse Hollington

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