X10 responds to recent iPod discounts and high demand

Recently we reported that X10 was offering iPods and iPod minis at discounted prices. Some of our readers reported that X10 did not have actual iPod or iPod minis in stock but were taking orders nonetheless. We contacted X10 regarding the situation and they assured us that they’re doing everything in their capacity to remedy the situation, and apologized .
X10 letter to iLounge:

We’re very disappointed about the iPod situation too.

We were assured by our supplier there would be sufficient iPods to meet the demand.  The strong response to our offer overwhelmed our supplier’s capacity.  We’re sorry that we were not able to meet your readers’ mini iPod orders.

Currently, we are shipping the 15GB and 20GB models.

Please know that we’re still searching to fill all orders, but industry stocks are low everywhere. The iPod minis are obviously very popular, and Apple has had a difficult time meeting demands. Of course, that’s why we were so happy to pass on great savings when we thought we had
found a supplier.

Again, please know that we had every intention of fulfilling all iPod orders and have promptly refunded all customer orders that have not been fulfilled. For 30 years X10 has been striving to constantly meet our customers’ needs, and we’ll continue to do just that.

Again, we’re sorry for any confusion. Thank you for contacting me directly with your concerns.

Thank you,
Kenny Foshaug

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