Xobni releases Smartr Contacts for iPhone


Xobni has released Smartr Contacts for iPhone, an iOS adaptation of its popular contact and relationship management solution for other mobile and web platforms. Smartr Contacts is a free app that allows users to extract information from their e-mail data and social network connections to easily create integrated profiles for their contacts, combining details from different sources such as phone numbers, photos, e-mail history and social network status updates. Contacts are further ranked within the app by importance rather than alphabetically, placing the most commonly referenced contacts nearer to the top of the list and also provides linked contextual e-mail and calendar information for each contact. Smartr Contacts for iPhone and related platforms leverage Xobni’s Smartr Cloud solution, using an online service to aggregated contact information across multiple networks; a Xobni account is therefore required to use the app, and e-mail integration requires a Gmail account or Xobni for Outlook to be installed on the user’s PC. Smartr Contacts for iPhone requires iOS 4.0 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.

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