XtremeMac goes iPod only, sells Mac business

In a decision to focus solely on the booming iPod accessory market, XtremeMac today announced that it has sold its line of Mac server products to Gizmac, a new company headed by XtremeMac co-founder Tim Cave. Gizmac, which will not be associated with XtremeMac, assumes full control of the XrackPRO and XtroVERT products for Apple’s Xserve, and will now manufacture and market them.

XtremeMac CEO Gary Bart explained to iLounge why he elected to sell off the Mac peripheral business. “As a company we have been operating under the premise that it makes greater economic sense for XtremeMac to build iPod accessories versus pro products, consequently, the pro products have not seen continued advances and improvements from a product development standpoint,” Bart said. “This short changes the pro customers and is not in keeping with the level of dedication and support we like provide.”

Bart said the move also allows XtremeMac to dedicate its efforts to bringing out the best iPod add-ons possible. “We believe a dedicated focus, company wide, sends a clear message to our employees, customers, media, Apple and others that our product line supports our goal of being the number one iPod accessory manufacturer,” he said.

The XtremeMac CEO went on to say that the deal will benefit both founders because they each had separate visions for the company. “Additionally, Tim Cave and I had different goals for the company’s direction, and our parting ways allows us each to accomplish our individual plans,” Bart said.

Because XtremeMac now only manufactures and sells iPod products and no Mac gear, iLounge asked Bart if there will be a name change in the future. There won’t — Bart said he will continue to use the current name. “We believe we have built strong brand equity over the past three and a half years and changing now would dilute that,” he said.

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