XtremeMac intros HomeShow, RoadShow kits for iPod

XtremeMac intros HomeShow, RoadShow kits for iPod 1

XtremeMac has announced two new iPod cable kits—the HomeShow and RoadShow. “At home, XtremeMac’s HomeShow cable package supports connection of iPods to nearly any kind of speaker or video playback device,” says the company. “RoadShow, on the other hand, is an all-in-one cable that connects iPod with video to in-vehicle DVD entertainment systems as well as the vehicle’s DC power system.”

imageThe HomeShow is a 4-piece home audio/video connection kit that includes a composite cable (red/white/yellow), home audio cable, auxiliary audio cable, and audio splitter. The RoadShow is an 8-ft integrated cable that plugs into a car’s 12-volt accessory outlet for charging and links the 5G iPod to the DVD unit via composite audio/video connectors. Both products will be available later this month for $50 each.

  1. Hi,

    I hope I am sending this to the proper avenue.

    I have few quick questions.

    I live in Costa Rica where the roads are often found in bad repair. The short of it is that my DLO does not work as designed thus I have taken it out, put a Radio Shack extension in the lighter and lay my DLO on the seat. It works most of the time but a lot better than when directly in the lighter.

    1)Is the Ten Technology Dock a reasonable replacement? I have a tourist business and have a DVD player on board which I want to play local DVD’s and surfing videos. If I purchase a 5th Generation iPod, convert my DVD’s using the proper format will I be able to use the Ten Technology Dock to show DVD’s on the road? If so what program would be best to use?
    2) How do I record voice with a music background using my computer to play on my iPod? What program would I use? I want to use my iPod as a supplement to my guide so while on the road my clients can hear some of the history of Costa Rica with Latino/Spanish music playing in the background.
    3)I have an after market am/fm with cd/dvd/mp3 capabilities. When the tech installed it (a Legacy, only such unit available locally) I asked if I could hook up an iPod to it and he said yes. I am not sure he knew what he was saying, that happens a lot here. I believe it has an RCA outlet but I am not sure. Is that what I need?

    Sorry for all of the questions but again I am in Costa Rica and the tech is limited. I have a friend coming down in two weeks and if the Ten Dock works better in my Hyundai 15 passenger van then my DLO and if there are programs that you recommend for doing the production I need I want him to bring them down.

    Again, thanks for your help.


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