XtremeMac launches InCharge FM transmitter

XtremeMac has introduced its InCharge FM transmitter for iPod. The InCharge FM is designed for in-car use and is compatible with common 12-volt power outlets found in automobiles.

It also charges connected iPods, offers stereo/mono modes for optimal transmission, and incorporates PureFM technology by Quintic and other proprietary audio enhancements. An in-line control unit offers a display, tuning and station preset buttons, as well as a play/pause/next track button to allow for quick song selection without using the iPod.

“Our first FM transmitter was the first to use an LCD for tuning, and a subsequent version was the first compact unit to use an external antenna,” said CEO Gary Bart. “We have continued that path of innovation by integrating Pure FM technology into InCharge FM.” The XtremeMac InCharge FM transmitter is now available for pre-order and sells for $70; it is expected to begin shipping in the coming weeks.