XtremeMac returns with speakers, cases, and chargers for iPhone, iPod


In its first major announcements since being acquired by Imation, XtremeMac has confirmed November shipping dates and iPod and iPhone compatibility for its Luna X2, Luna Voyager, and Tango X2 speaker systems, and has also introduced a number of new chargers for the iPhone and iPod, along with a bevy of cases for the iPhone 3G and new family of iPods. First mentioned in our coverage of Macworld Expo this January, the Luna Voyager is a travel-sized alarm clock and personal audio system featuring a built-in dock, an adjustable brightness display, automatic time setting, and the option to wake to the docked iPhone or iPod, or to a buzzer. It will sell for $90 when it goes on sale in November.

XtremeMac returns with speakers, cases, and chargers for iPhone, iPod

XtremeMac’s new InCharge Duo is a rapid charging dock and syncing cradle for iPod and iPhone, featuring a dual docking well with the ability to charge two iPods or iPhones simultaneously, charging status indicators to let the user know when the devices are fully charged, and an included USB cable for syncing. It will be available in November for $50. The TravelDock is a portable folding dock that offers the ability to charge the iPhone using an included mini USB to USB cable, and also folds out to serve as a stand for watching video. It will be available in October and will sell for $30. The new InCharge FM transmitter and car charger for iPod and iPhone employs PureFM technology from Quintic and XtremeMac’s proprietary audio enhancements to deliver a consistently clean signal to any car stereo. Other features include SmartTune auto channel selection, RDS technology to display song information on compatible radios, and charging capability. It will be available in October for $80. Also available in October will be the new Firewire to USB Adapter that allows for the use of older, Firewire charging accessories with new, USB charging-only iPods and iPhones. It will sell for $50.

imageThe Micropack case for iPhone 3G will provide the equivalent of a fully charged iPhone battery of external power in a slim, form-fitting case that will include a USB to mini USB cable for charging and will be available in October for $100. Other cases for the iPhone 3G include the Microclip holster featuring a padded interior, included Tuffshield protector, and 360-degree rotating belt clip for $25, the Microshield thin clear plastic shell case featuring open access to all ports and controls and two included screen protectors for $20, the Sportwrap neoprene armband featuring a built-in screen protector, integrated cord management tab, and adjustable strap for $30, the Tuffwrap silicone case featuring textured side for added grip, open access to all ports and controls, and an included video stand and screen protector for $25, the Verona Holster horizontal leather case featuring an integrated belt clip, microsuede interior lining, and full access to the headphone jack and buttons for $35, and the Verona Sleeve reinforced leather case featuring an open-faced design, access to all ports and controls, built-in rubber volume buttons, microsuede interior lining, and an included screen protector for $30. XtremeMac will also be offering versions of its Tuffshield, Microshield, Tuffwrap, Microclip, Verona Sleeve, and Sportwrap cases for the second-generation iPod touch and fourth-generation iPod nano; all of these new case are expected to go on sale later this month.

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