Yamaha debuts MCR-140 speaker with wireless iPod control

Yamaha has introduced its new MCR-140 micro-component music system for the iPod. The MCR-140 features a built-in CD player, front-panel USB port, FM radio, and 3.5mm auxiliary input, an included remote control, as well as an iPod dock on the top. In addition, it features a wireless transmitter for iPods that utilizes the company’s yAired wireless technology to allow users to listen to their music remotely while maintaining direct control from their device. An optional wireless subwoofer kit is also available. The MCR-140 system is available in orange, dark or light blue, white, red, dark green, brown, light or dark gray, or pink, and sells for $400; a non-wireless version, the MCR-040, is also available in the same colors for $280. [via Engadget]

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