Yantouch debuts Black Diamond 2 dock for iPhone

Yantouch has debuted its new Black Diamond 2 dock for the iPhone. The Black Diamond 2 is a unique “3D” dock which uses the iPhone’s screen to illuminate the inside of its translucent plastic body, creating different lighting effects.

Unlike the original Black Diamond, the Black Diamond 2 offers the ability to function as a standalone, USB-powered light, and also offers modest amplification—8dB, the company claims—of the audio output from the iPhone’s speaker, as well as the ability to function as a speaker phone. It also offers the ability to charge the iPhone when docked, and works with an updated version of the company’s Black Diamond app, which offers new features such as a sleep and wake timer, a missed call reminder, and a “poke” control to change lighting effects and music playing back through the app.

Pricing and availability for the Black Diamond 2 has yet to be announced.