Youbiq has introduced its new Gymbl portable tripod/mount/grip for the iPhone 4. The all-in-one accessory serves as a grip, a portable tripod, and as a tripod mount, featuring a pivoting, panoramic head, and an included hard shell case which is used to attach the iPhone to the device. For use with the Gymbl, the company has also developed an app that connects to a new Youbiq Cloud service which aims to synchronize and archive every photo taken on the iPhone, allowing users to organize and share their photos from the Youbiq Cloud site. Youbiq’s Gymbl portable tripod/mount/grip for iPhone 4 sells for $69 while a standalone tripod adapter and case is available for $49; both are expected to ship in February. The Youbiq app will be available for $3 and will include 2GB of storage on the Youbiq Cloud site, while additional storage will be available in 25GB increments for $25/year.

Charles Starrett

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