A new study found that teens and those in their 20’s are at risk of going deaf up to 30 years earlier than their parents because of listening to music on their iPod at high volume levels. According to the study by Deafness Research UK, more than 50% of those aged 16 to 24 listen to their MP3 players for more than an hour a day, but 68% of the group do not realize that listening to at loud volume can cause permanent damage. “A generation ago we would see people going deaf in their sixties or seventies, but we’re now seeing more people going deaf in their forties, which is very worrying,” said Vivienne Michael, the chief executive of Deafness Research UK. “Many young people are regularly using MP3 players for long periods and are frighteningly unaware of the fact that loud noise can permanently damage your hearing.”

LC Angell

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