ZAP to show ‘Made for iPod’ electric car at Expo


Electric car manufacturer ZAP has announced plans to show a “Made for iPod” car next week at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The company said it will be designing its cars to include a head unit made for the iPod that will play music through the car speaker system as well as recharge using the ZAP Recharge-It-All made for iPod battery system. The first cars equipped with this technology are expected to be available later this year, and ZAP says it has plans to include the technology in all its cars. “Apple is making some of the most popular consumer products on the market today,” said ZAP CEO Steve Schneider. “A ZAP electric car made for iPod joins an important trend happening throughout the automotive industry to give car-buyers more amenities. So many bring their iPods with them wherever they go that having the capability to listen to and recharge them in your car can only attract more customers.” Previously, the company had announced that it will debut its new iZAP line of iPod mobile rechargers at the show. According to the company, the line will use “advanced lithium battery storage and charge control technology to power or boost the battery life of the iPod.”


Charles Starrett

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