Zepi Music adds new bonus power ups

Ostin Games has updated Zepi Music, its musical puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch adding new bonus power ups along with Facebook and Twitter integration and gameplay and graphics enhancements. Zepi Music challenges players to clear the iPhone screen of bubbles by matching colours as quickly as possible; users build combos with multitouch gestures by sliding across matching adjacent objects and quickly tapping on non-adjacent objects to clear as many objects as possible in a single chain, with larger combos resulting in higher scores.

Each object is accompanied by a series of musical notes allowing users to build and experience improvised melodies as they play; colour ranges result in musical phrases of recognizable tunes as players string together longer combos and users can customize the settings to decide which instruments will accompany each colour. The app includes three graphical modes and four sound modes with high-quality graphics and integrated Game Center support with 30 unique achievements in each game.

Version 1.5 adds new Crazy Rockets and Time Pills bonus power ups to help players reach higher scores. Zepi Music for the iPhone and iPod touch is available from the App Store for $1; an iPad version, Zepi HD, is also available for $1.