previews Voomote One for iPhone, iPod touch has announced its new Voomote One universal remote accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Voomote is a case-like accessory that connects via the Dock Connector and features an IR transmitter at the top, allowing for access to all other ports, controls, and cameras when attached. The Voomote One works in conjunction with the company’s free Voomote One app, which includes codes for 98% of all available IR devices, according to the company, and features learning capabilities for devices not included in the app’s built-in code database. The app also allows users to setup their own remote control configurations, setup different configurations by room, and configure one-button macros.’s Voomote One universal remote for iPhone and iPod touch is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship in Q1 2011 for €69, or roughly $91.

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