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Saturday, March 16, 2002

Griffin PodMate development haulted?

iLounger, Seth B. emailed us a response from Griffin Technology when asked, when the PodMate would be released:

“At this point, development on the PodMate has been pushed back. I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

The PodMate debuted in January, at MacWorld SF 2002. The following is an excerpt from the official Griffin press release describing the PodMate:

“The PodMate is a small device that attaches to the Apple iPod and transforms it into a universal infrared remote. Control virtually any TV, stereo, DVD player or VCR via the iPod. Building upon the ease of use of the iPod, it makes controlling any remote device a snap.”

Friday, March 15, 2002

Lights, Camera, iPod!

Apple Hot News writer Stephanie Jorgl wrote a story about Rodney Charters, “director of photography for the original “Psycho,” and more recently for Fox’s “24” and Warner Bros’ “Roswell” television series.” Rodney managed the script for the last episode of “Roswell” on an iPod:

“But there are the extra benefits of doing it digitally on the iPod. “I’m able carry around the whole script, and manage the script order using the iPod’s playlist cataloging system. Plus, I can bounce between scenes, just with a click on the dial to flash through the movie—which is important because we rarely film scenes in script order.”

Note: Meet Rodney Saturday, March 23 at noon in the Glendale, CA Apple store.

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Hardware: Soundbug, sound to go

Slashdot reader, James reported an interesting, new device named the Soundbug. A UK based company has developed a device which turns any flat surface into a speaker. Plug it into a sound source, such as the iPod and you’ve got speakers anywhere, anytime. Having contacted a representative at Newlands Scientific PLC, developers of the new Soundbug, we were told that it is available now in the U.S. at for $49.95 (buy 2 and get 20% off the second). According to the description below, the Soundbug is a monophonic device:

Shopstyle description:

“The patented Soundbug plugs into all devices that have a common 2.5mm jack including phones and laptops. A single Soundbug plays both sound channels through one speaker, yet what you hear is wickedly powerful-75-db output (depending on surface). Connect two Soundbugs together for full stereo and double the impact.”

More info and purchase:…

Official Soundbug website:…

Developers of the Soundbug: Newlands Scientific PLC…

Report with photos on the Soundbug: ZDNet UK News…

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Hardware: ClearChoice iPod Connection Kit released

Griffin Technology, makers of the PowerPod auto adapter, have released the ClearChoice iPod Connection Kit:

“This package consists of one 7-inch mini-jack male to RCA Female adaptor plus one 6-foot mini-jack to male RCA cable. These cables make connecting your Apple iPod to your home stereo a snap. The 6-foot cable can be plugged into any available line input on your stereo receiver. The 7-inch adaptor can connect to an existing RCA cable hook-up. With gold-plated white plastic connectors and cool clear-coated wiring, these cables look incredible connected to your iPod. The ClearChoice iPod Connection Kit carries a special bundle price of just $14.99 USD.”

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311, Beatles and an iPod

MacNN reports Nick Hexum of rock band 311 mentions his iPod in a Hartford Advocate interview.

“I had this like really intense sort of Beatles study that I’d set up for myself, where I put every Beatles album on my iPod.”

Read the interview…

Consumer Technology Bill of Rights

Slashdot reader “thrilliams” reports on an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal concerning a proposed Consumer Technology Bill of Rights by “The Bill of Rights will guarantee your ability to use your own digital media in the way that you choose.”

The proposed Bill of Rights:

  • Users have the right to “time-shift” content that they have legally acquired.
  • Users have the right to “space-shift” content that they have legally acquired.
  • Users have the right to make backup copies of their content.
  • Users have the right to use legally acquired content on the platform of their choice.
  • Users have the right to translate legally acquired content into comparable formats.
  • Users have the right to use technology in order to achieve the rights previously mentioned.

    Read the WSJ article…

    Update: Canada’s tariff on mp3 players and more

    Wired published a follow-up story on the recently reported, proposed tariff affecting recordable media within Canada.

    “If this tax is passed, it will raise the prices on products that most businesses now use to store data,” said Joseph McCormick, a corporate law attorney. “It’s unfair to Canadian consumers and it’s unfair to businesses. Not everyone with a CD-burner, a PDA or an external hard drive is a thief.”

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    Wednesday, March 13, 2002

    Windows users wooed by iPod?

    MacWorld UK reports that recent research data shows that Apple is targeting Windows users with the iPod.

    “A report from Internet-data analyst Jupiter MMXI on Apple and its digital music player claims the iPod will lure non-Mac users into buying Apple-made products.”

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    New iPod for $379.05

    iLounger, Victoria S. notified us that Amazon is selling the iPod for a “too low to display” price of $379.05. Free shipping if you select Super Saver Shipping, but orders may take an additional 3 to 5 days to arrive.

    For more info and purchase…

    Cases: German “iPod Saver” shipping to U.S.

    MacGeek has notified us that they are selling the iPod Saver for $29.50 (includes airmail shipping):

    “The iPodSaver is made out of 0.12 inches thick neoprene that protects your iPod from scratches and softens shocks. A flap on the back allows you to attach the iPodSaver at your belt. The printed menu on the front side makes it possible to operate the iPod even while it is inside the iPodSaver. We ship as certified mail to make sure that nothing can get lost!”

    Click the “SHOP” link for more info and purchase.

    Tuesday, March 12, 2002

    Monster Cable’s iCable for iPod

    While browsing eBay, we found the Monster Cable iCable for iPod. It’s a mini-jack to RCA audio cable for connecting the iPod to a home stereo. We didn’t find any additional information at, but have emailed a representative for more info and pricing. We also didn’t find any online retailers selling the iCable.

    • 7 feet of cable
    • Hex Mesh Jacket
    • DoubleHelix Construction
    • Dual Balanced Conductors
    • Patented Multi-Gauge Wire Networks
    • 24k Gold Contacts
    • Straight-Cut Turbine RCA & Split-Tip Center Pin
    • Free Cable Pouch

    View the auction…

    Canada’s tariff on mp3 players and more

    A Slashdot reader reports on a new Canadian tariff that would affect the iPod. According to the proposed levy a 5GB iPod would cost an extra $105:

    “Joel Ironstone writes: “A new Canadian levy will be introduced in 2003 on all recordable media (pdf). The magnitude of these tariffs is staggering: $1.23 for all CD-RW’s, $2.27 on all DVD-R’s, and get this: $21 for each gigabyte of storage on portable MP3 players.”

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    Refurbished iPod for $339
    [Updated: 03|12|02 11:14 A.M. PST]

    The Apple Store is selling refurbished iPods for $339 (not $399) in its “Special deals” section. Click on the “Special deals” graphic in the left sidebar, very bottom. Correction: 90 Day limited warranty applies… not 1 year.

    For more info and purchase…

    Monday, March 11, 2002

    Forums: Custom CD Inserts

    iLounger, “eustacescrubb” writes in the iTunes forum with a handy tip for customized CD inserts:

    “I had a smashing idea earlier this week; finally got around to working on it. Acrobat 5 allows one to make forms for users to fill in, and this thread gave me the idea of creating some basic CD inserts as PDF forms, so that users can download them and input thier own titles and song lists. I’ve made 2 so far, a generic one and one using some old pulp sci-fi book artwork.

    I might get around to seeing if I can write a version of my AppleScript that’ll put the song list in there for you automatically, but not today…

    More importantly, I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who uses them: how easy are they to use, what might make them better/more user-friendly, etc.”

    For more info and download…


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