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Saturday, March 23, 2002

Software: Dave’s AppleScripts for iTunes website

A great resource for managing MP3s in iTunes. Daves AppleScripts for iTunes has a large assortment of scripts within the following categories:

  • Managing Tracks
  • Managing Playlists
  • Controlling iTunes
  • Exporting Info
  • Miscellaneous
  • With Other Apps
  • Pick ‘n’ Pull (an assortment)

Software: AppleScript for making song lyric vCards

“This script will gather the artist name, album name and song name for either every song in a selected playlist or every song in an iPod’s Library and create vCards in Microsoft Entourage. The purpose of these vCards is to allow users to employ the iPod’s “Contacts” option as a means for veiwing song lyrics on the iPod.

Compatability: It’s been tested in OS 9.2.3 and OS 10.1. It requires at least iTunes 2.0.3 and MS Entourage
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Software: PodNotes v0.2 released

“Use PodNotes to add Notes, Lyrics, and any other text to your Contact list in your iPod. Copy text you want to use as a note in any text application. Bring PodNotes to the front and click File/ClipNote (command N). In the first dialog box, find your Contacts folder located in your iPod. The next dialog will allow you to title your note. If your note is larger than 1000 characters, PodNotes will split it up into multiple, numbered notes. When it’s finished writing the files it will beep.”

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Software: PodTronics Updater beta v1.2 for Windows

Using the latest PodTronics Updater for Windows, you can update your iPod to v1.1 via a Windows machine. This is beta software, so please read the warnings on the website before updating.

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Software: iPod Free File Sync v2.3.1 for OS 9

New in 2.3.1

  • Compatible with iTunes 2.0.4.

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Friday, March 22, 2002

Japanese Docking Station with iPod Bay

MacObserver has a report on the newly released docking station for the iMac G4 with an iPod bay. The docking station also has two FireWire and two USB ports. Also noted is a device that turns an iPod into a standalone radio. Both devices premiered at MacWorld Tokyo by Japanese company, IMTG. IMTG is not accepting orders outside the US.

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Software Updater 1.1 support

AppleCare Knowledge Base articles for Updater 1.1:

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Forums: Make vCards to store song lyrics

iLounger, “eustacescrubb” wrote in the forums:

“To store song lyrics! Make a vCard. Have the Last Name be the Song name, the job title be the artist name and the company be the album title. Then cut and paste the lyrics into the “Notes”. Export the vCard as a .vcf file, and place it in the “Contacts” folder on the iPod.
I actually wrote an AppleScript that automates some of the vCard-making process. It’ll gather the song name, artist name and album name from either every song in a selected playlist (in iTunes or on the iPod) or every song on your iPod’s library and put the info in MS Entourage as contacts such that the Name of the contact is the song name, the job title is the Artist name and the company name is the album name. It pastes a default message in the “Notes” section so you know where to paste the song lyrics. I suspect this’ll save folks a lot of time. It made vCards for all 738 songs on my iPod in about 5 minutes.

“It’s been tested in OS 9.2.3. It requires at least iTunes 2.0.3 and MS Entourage 2001.”

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Software: Updater v1.1 fixes long file problem

Readers at iPoding confirm that the long file problem in playing back extended MP3s (15 minutes or 20MB) has been fixed. Enjoy continously mixed albums without constant hard drive read sessions.

Software: iPod Free File SynX v2.3 for OS X

New in 2.3

  • Compatible with iTunes 2.0.4.

The OS 9 version of 2.3 should be ready in a few days.

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Cases: iPod case by Dior Homme reports the release of a new iPod case by high fashion design house, Dior (Christian Dior). Colette, an online french boutique, sells the case for 185.15 euros ($176.01):

“To hold the fabulous i.Pod Apple, Dior Homme had the brilliant idea of creating this special case, in varnished black leather. Thanks to its strappy loop you’ll be able to hang it from your waist. It will protect your i.Pod from bad knocks while giving it a nice look.”

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Forums: What unusual ways do you use your iPod? 

iLounger, “Squeedle” wrote in the forums:

“I’ve found two unusual uses for my iPod and was wondering what other things people were doing with them that people might not have predicted. At Halloween I plugged it into two of the small unpowered computer speakers and left scary sounds running on Repeat All by the doorstep. It was a great effect, and the kids were all asking about it. The other thing I am preparing to do is put bird calls on it so I can take it with me bird watching to help with identification in the field. I thought I would make the types of birds as Artists and the subspecies as Albums (Sparrows, then Black Chinned, English, White Crowned, etc). There’s a good Palm App that is a database & checklist that will go along with this very well. I’m interested in what other things people have done with their iPods.”

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Forums: iPod Software Updater 1.1: Problem Reports

If your experiencing any problems with iPod Software Updater 1.1, please tell us in the forums. Thank you

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Software: PodNotes v0.1 released

With the recent announcement of the ability to add contact info to the iPod, Matthew Bardram responds with a handy application:

“Use PodNotes to add notes to your Contact list in your iPod. PodNotes does this using your clipboard contents for the note itself. Copy the text you want to use as a note in any text application. Bring PodNotes to the front and click File/New Note. In the first dialog box, find your Contacts folder located in your iPod. The next dialog box will allow you to name your note. When PodNotes is finished writing the file it will pop up a dialog box saying it is finished.”

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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

iPod Diagnostic Mode returns

iPoding reports the new Software Updater v1.1 has regained the ability to access the Diagnostic Mode. Version 1.0.4 did not support Diagnostic Mode. What is Diagnostic Mode? How do you access Diagnostic Mode?

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Forums: Buying an iPod

iLounger, “threedaysdwn” shares his recent iPod buying experience at an Apple Store:

“Oddly enough I bought mine at the Apple Store and I still knew more about it than the “genius” guys there.
Actually they were very friendly and were helpful when I need one of the computers to restore my ipod. The one guy did seem to resent the fact that I was using my ipod on a Windows machine, which bothered me a bit. He also kept telling me how unreliable it was with a PC and how hooking it up to my PC could “cause actual problems with the heads on the hard drive” and damage the hardware – I was tempted to just say “riiiiiiiiight”.
Of course, Xplay has been working perfectly and I’ve had no loss of data or what not.”

Beck’s Head Art

The New York Times has a downloadable PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat) of Musician, Beck’s 198-song iPod playlist in the shape of his head.

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Monday, March 18, 2002

More Soundbug news has an article about the Soundbug, a small, portable device which turns flat surfaces into a speaker. Here’s our earlier report of the Soundbug.

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Beck’s Head Art

The New York Times has a downloadable PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat) of Musician, Beck’s 198-song iPod playlist in the shape of his head.

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Digital Downloading

MSNBC published an article on the current state of the digital download craze and dilemma. Of course the iPod was mentioned due to it’s popularity and capacity. Also published is the following statistics:

Who’s listening to online music?

  • 23 percent of the U.S. population aged 12 and over have downloaded a music or MP3 file off of the Internet.
  • 44 percent of the U.S. population aged 12 to 17 have done so, as have 42 percent of those in the 18 to 24 age group.
  • In 22 of 30 international markets surveyed by Ipsos-Reid, majorities of 18 to 24-year-old Internet users have downloaded music files from the Internet.

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