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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Software: PersonaPodX 1.0 released

“PersonaPodX gives you file and contacts management for your iPod.

With PersonaPodX you can leverage your iPod as a storage device of movies
and maintain notes and contacts.

PersonaPodX goes beyond a simple support application for your iPod and
becomes a general utility for you Mac by adding an alarm clock, ASCII
notepad, movie preview/player and photo preview. A batch file rename
facility allows you, for instance, to consolidate directories of digital

    What’s changed since Beta 1.0?
  • Registration process has been added.
  • Notes and contacts maintained by PersonaPodX are removed from iPod when
  • they are either deleted or tagged as not to be added to the iPod.
  • You do not need to specify the location of your iPod, it is
  • automatically detected.
  • Logical improvements to the user interface
  • Notes can be any length

    For more info…

    Refurbished iPods for $339

    John Corbin creater of the PodPac iPod wrap informs us that Apple has refurbished iPods for sale:

    “Apple Store has refurbed iPods (5GB) for sale at $339. Includes 90-day warranty, cables, charger, etc.”

    Click on “Special Deals” (bottom left on the page)
    For more info…

    Software: bPod 1.0 released

    B. Groves writes in with an update to his Flash based contact editor.

    “A utility, made in flash, that will read in and parse and iPod contact file. It allows the user to add/edit entries, then output the new text to a field, that must be copied and pasted into the contact file (replacing what’s there).

    For more info…

    Software: Musician’s iPod Tools released

    MacCentral reports the release of bundled software for iPod toting musicians. Sweetwater Software Labs, developers of the Musician’s iPod Tools, describes the software on their website as follows:

    “Whether it’s a list of upcoming gigs, a music equipment list, a list of song titles, a set list, or even a basic calendar of events or a list of recipes, the Musician’s iPod Tools are here to help get this information into your iPod.

    There are two programs that make up the Musician’s iPod Tools: the ContactsTool and the MP3Tool. Both tools use different approaches to accomplish the same basic goal. The goal is to allow the user to store and view data in the iPod.

    “I was looking for an easy way to be able to look at my upcoming gigs in my iPod,” says Chuck Surack, President and Founder of Sweetwater. “Musician’s iPod Tools was developed out of that need and I’ve found it to be THE EASIEST (and least expensive) way of getting data into my iPod. The tools are really simple to use and it’s been wonderful to be able to carry around all my favorite music and my entire calendar in the same little iPod. Amazing!”

    For more info…

    Friday, April 19, 2002

    Toe2Pod 1.0 released

    iPodHacks reports:

    “Toe2pod is a Outlook Express Address Book to VCF converter. Export your “Contacts” from your OE Address book to a text file, and run TOE2pod on the exported file. It will return a VCF file that is usable by our favorite iPod.”

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    “Apple iPod for $379 at The Wiz”

    Dealmac reports:

    “A reader reports finding the Apple iPod 5MB MP3 player for $379 at the Garden City, NY, Nobody Beats The Wiz store. That tops the lowest mail-order prices we know to be available. (This offer is not available at Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now: “

    Business 2.0 columnist, Josh Quittner lists four ways in which to enhance your iPod experience:

    “Even today, three months later, I still get a tingle when I hold it in my hand.”

    • Make your iPod work with Windows.
    • Make your iPod polygamous.
    • Add the Internet Movie Database.
    • Send yourself notes.

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      Software: iPod2iTunes 0.9.3 Beta released

      “What does it do?
      Usually you cannot transfer songs or playlists from your iPod to your Mac. iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s). First, it shows you exactly which of the tracks on the iPod are not on your Mac. After synchronizing, you can browse through the new tracks directly in iTunes.”

        New in iPod2iTunes 0.9.3 Beta
      • Compatible with Mac OS 10.1.4.

        For more info…

        Arctic iPod

        An interesting report from iPoding, where by a North Pole expedition will be taking voyage with iPods aboard.

        “Palmtop-Pro is proud to announce that Apple computer is currently sponsoring a trip to the cold. The Apple iPod makes it with Palmtop-Pro on board the icebreaker “Polarstern” (Polar Star) to the arctic ice. 50 international scientists on board, running PC and Mac systems alongside, use the iPod for their task to determine the changing of the arctic ice structure, weather changes, animal watching and monitoring of the ozone-layer.

        The iPod will be used by the scientists not only as a mobile data storage but also for monitoring and storing sounds of the whales, pictures taken as well as GPS to all related scientific data.”

        Read more…
        Polar Star ship photo and more info…

        Software: Address -> iPod for Palm OS 1.0 released

        “Address -> iPod Conduit allows you to automatically transfer your Palm Desktop Address Book entries to your iPod!
        Please Note: Address -> iPod Conduit is currently only available for Mac OS X.”

        For more info…

        Wednesday, April 17, 2002

        Software: iPod Express 1.0b1 released

        “AppleScript to create vCards (Contacts) for Apple’s iPod from the Address Book in Outlook Express. Version 1.0b1. Requires Scripting Additions: Dialog Director v 0.7

        For more info…

        Software: Address -> iPod for Palm OS 1.0 released

        “Address -> iPod Conduit allows you to automatically transfer your Palm Desktop Address Book entries to your iPod!
        Please Note: Address -> iPod Conduit is currently only available for Mac OS X.”

        For more info…

        Tuesday, April 16, 2002

        Software: EntourageEvents 1.3 released

          What’s new:
        • All of your events can now be stored to a single “Events.vcf” file. This makes file management a breeze.
          Saving of preferences, including:
        • A default folder, such as your iPod’s Contacts folder. If the default folder can’t be found the application will ask you where to save your events (without changing the default).
        • Default start and end dates offset from today. This allows for automatic setting of a date range in days, weeks or months.
        • Selecting whether or not the year needs to be included in the event titles. Removing them adds precious space for displaying subject information.
        • and more…

          For more info…

          Update: Laser engraving your old iPod

          You may have remembered an earlier news story about laser engraving for your iPod available from Zap’O Marks, Inc. in San Jose. This is an update posted in the forums by iLounger, “rwoelk”:

          “We are the San Jose laser engraving company mentioned in this post. We very much appreciate Rocke’s time and effort in presenting us but there was an error in our email address. I don’t know whether it is possible to correct it but our address is : [email protected]

          Additionally, because of the volume of links from your site we have created an address for [iPod] people. You can substitute [email protected] for the email. Our website will be upgraded in the next few weeks to try to handle the load.”

          Monday, April 15, 2002

          Software: XPlay Technology Preview 6 released

          “Preview 6 is faster than previous Preview releases, includes automatic synchronization of your music library when your iPod is plugged in, drag-and-drop reordering of playlist items, the ability to update iPod firmware, and various other improvements.

          Based on MacDrive technology (, this preview provides both read and write access to your iPod hard drive for documents and data files, plus the ability to organize your music either from the Explorer-based XPlay interface, or from Windows Media Player.

          This XPlay Preview (alpha release) is intended as an illustration of the general structure and abilities of XPlay, but is not yet a complete solution for use of the iPod with Windows.”

          For more info and download…

          Software: iPod2iTunes 0.9.2 Beta released

            New in iPod2iTunes 0.9.2 Beta:
          • Various small improvements in the user interface. Thanks to Gary Nash for suggestions.
          • Fixed check for mounted volumes which have the same name as the iPod disk or the disk where the iTunes music resides. This could lead to problems and is now reliable rejected by i2i.

          Note: iPod2iTunes replaces iPod Free File SynX for OS X
          For more info…

          Sunday, April 14, 2002

          “How to Hack an iPod”

          iPoding reports
          that the April 22, 2002 issue of Time Magazine has an article on iPod hacking titled “How to Hack an iPod” by Chris Taylor. Congratulations to iPoding and iPodHacks for being mentioned in the magazine/online article.

          Read the article…

          Hardware: Steel iPod Stand

          iPoding reports MacImports is selling the adjustable iPod Stand made from steel for $64 plus S&H of $16 by express mail. Power Support (Japanese website), manufacturers of the iPod Stand and iPod Silicone Jacket (a.k.a. Groove Jacket) provides more info on their products at their website. English translation provided by Alta Vista’s Babel Fish.

          MacImports description:

          “The iPod Stand lets you hold your iPod where ever you need it. The angle is adjustable. An included base plate (not shown) allows attachment to almost any surface. The iPod Stand also fits in a cup holder for use in a car and holds an FM transmitter as well. Made by Power Support from steel in platinum color with adhering protective strips.”

          Visit MacImports for purchase…

          Software: Internet Movie Database for iPod v7.0

          “Just letting you know that my Internet Movie Database for iPod has been converted from a series of MP3 files to a single Contact vcd file. Even though Apple says you can only have 1000 contacts, I have created a file with about 2000 movie titles for the last 24 months. Seems to work.”

          Movie Database for last 24 months: These contacts contain the title, country, rating, votes, modified Top 250 (not the IMDb’s Top 250) rankings, MPAA rating, genre, plot description, directors and actors of movies made in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia in the last 24 months.”


          ” Movie Database for last 16 months: These contacts are suitable if all you’re interested in is what’s playing in the theatres. Do not use these contacts if you use the “Last 24 months” contacts as this is a tiny subset and you’ll get duplicate entries. Fields as above.”


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