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Saturday, June 22, 2002

iPod Breakout Editor 1.1

An anonymous reader informs us that the Apple Student Developers website reports a software hack to edit the levels in the Apple iPod Breakout game. Warning: If you’re interested in performing the hack, carefully read the ReadMe file and back up your iPod.


Friday, June 21, 2002

Rumor: Analyst Expects iPod for Windows

MacMinute is reporting that iPod for Windows may be true after all. Charles Wolf, a Needham & Co. analyst believes that the iPod for Windows may make its debut as early as MacWorld Expo New York on July 17. MacMinute also mentions that Mediafour will release the final version of XPlay on Monday, June 24.

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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Attention: iPod Software Developers

Apple and TechTV have agreed to give Mac developers an opportunity to showcase their product on any one of three different TechTV shows. Brett Larson hosts the “Mac Tip of the Day” segment on “Call for Help”, frequents “The Screen Savers” and reports for “TechLive!”. Brett is planning to highlight Mac OS X software on any one of the aforementioned shows. We hope to see many iPod related software reviewed on the show. Send Brett Larson an email and tell him about your iPod software for Mac OS X. Though your product may not get airtime, it doesn’t hurt to send him an email.

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Dr. Bott Releases Leather iPod Case

Update: We would like to add that the LeatherPod case is made in the United Kingdom by e-pac, manufacturer of laptop cases, packbacks and breifcases.

The European designed, e-pac LeatherPod case comes with a cover flap similar to the XtremeMac case. This case is slightly different, because the top of the cover flap only covers the FireWire port, leaving the headphone port and “Hold” switch uncovered for easy access. Features include access to the scroll wheel, LCD display protection, carrying strap, belt clip and padded interior. The e-pac LeatherPod case costs $29.99 and comes in black only.

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iPod 5GB for $289

Small Dog Electronics is offering the refurbished iPod 5GB for $289.00 That’s 10 dollars less than the Special Deals at the Apple Store.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

“iPod ‘reinvigorated’ MP3 player market”

MacCentral, spurred by a report on MP3 Players in USAToday, has written an article on how the iPod is leading the pack in MP3 players on the market.

“A market tracking firm analyst said that MP3 player sales are already up 74 percent for the year, “and a big chunk of that is coming from Apple.”

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“Toshiba launches iPod competitor”

MacCentral reports that Toshiba Corp. has launched the Gigabeat MP3 Player. Slightly larger than the iPod, the Gigabeat comes with a 5GB removable PC Card hard drive, LCD display, circular control button, USB 2.0 and earphones with inline remote. Toshiba expects to launch the Gigabeat in the U.S. then Europe, but have not decided on when that will be.

“The Gigabeat MEG50JS will go on sale in Japan on June 22 and is expected to cost around ‘50,000 (US$402) bundled with a 5GB hard disk. At the same time, Toshiba will put removable hard drives in 2GB and 5GB sizes on sale for ‘20,000 (US$160) and ‘40,000 (US$321) respectively.”

Note: Translated with Babel Fish
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New iPod for $249.99

Deals on the Web reports:

“Mac of all Trades is offering the Apple 5GB iPod for $249.99. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen on this MP3 player. Click the “Monitors/Peripherals” link to find this deal.”

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

First iPod Book to Be Released

Update: This is a description sent in from Peachpit Press:

“Secrets of the iPod is the perfect companion for Apple’s wildly popular iPod. More than an elegant music player, the iPod is also an external hard drive, contact keeper, and digital-lifestyle accessory. Christopher Breen, Macworld magazine’s Mac 911 columnist, helps you make the most of the iPod’s many talents by revealing how to smoothly navigate the iPod’s interface, how to manage your music, and how to store more than names and addresses in the iPod’s contact manager. Additionally, Secrets of the iPod takes an in-depth look at the intimate relationship between the iSiblings the iPod and Apple’s iTunes 2 and includes hints for accessorizing and protecting your iPod, tips for making the most of its storage capabilities, strategies for making the iPod work with Microsoft Windows, and practical troubleshooting advice for those moments when the diminutive device is uncooperative”

Peachpit Press has emailed us to inform our readers of the first iPod book being published June 26, 2002. Authored by MacWorld magazine columnist Chris Breen, the book is titled “Secrets of the iPod”.

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Software: iPod It 1.0 Released

“iPod It combines the power of EntourageEvents/Notes/Mail into one application. It also adds the ability download weather forecasts and driving directions for exporting to your iPod. Now you can have all of the information you need right at your finger tips and all through one application.”

System requirements: Mac OS X 10, iPod v1.1 and Entourage X.
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Dancing iPods

iLounger, Julie B. emailed us a funny iPod story.

“I want to relay a funny iPod story to you all. I was at a bar in NYC one night, drinking with my friends. I looked across the room and there was a big, brawny guy dressed in a one-piece suit dancing around the bar listening to his iPod having a grand ole’ time. Soon, another guy came up to him and started dancing around with his iPod too. Fevered by my liquid courage, I soon joined in too. Within a couple of minutes, we became a crowd of iPod users, dancing around to our personal selections. Then one girl started unplugging our headphones and re-plugging them into other iPods. At the end, we were a tangled mess of lights and wires all dj-ing for another person without knowing who! People in the bar kept saying, ‘You guys look like an iPod ad!’”

“iPod Reliability Reports”

Accelerate Your Mac reports a long list of reader emails regarding various cases of iPod reliability issues from unusual battery drains to dead iPods. Also mentioned in the emails are the readers who succesfully received out-of-warranty service from Apple and the ever popular CompUSA Technology Assurance Program (TAP).

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Monday, June 17, 2002

Meet My iPod in Person

MEETUP, LLC, a company devoted to gathering people in person from within various interest groups has launched in hopes for bringing together iPod owners in person to person casual meetings around the globe. The MEETUP website has “Meetup Topics” listed from “Books” to “Work & Career”. The first announced iPod MEETUP Day is in 45 days. Visit the website and add your locale for an iPod MEETUP.

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“Study: Products like the iPod spur digital music growth”

Dennis Sellers at MacCentral reports on a study conducted by In-Stat/MDR showing that the ever changing digital audio market will be exploding in the next few years.

“This is despite the current hoopla over the delivery of digital music. In fact, according to the research firm, online music revenues are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.4 percent between 2001 and 2006 and portable digital music player unit shipments (including solid state and revolving media products) will grow from about 7.2 million in 2002 to almost 30 million in 2006.”

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