Saturday, September 21, 2002

Software: Pod Manager 1.0 Released

“Pod Manager is a brand new MacOS X application to extract music files stored on iPods. It is intuitive, easy to use and features a state of the art Aqua user interface. Being entirely MacOS X native, Pod Manager is also very fast and responsive.”

System requirements: Mac OS X
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iPod Knowledge Base Documents Updated

Friday, September 20, 2002

iPod Knowledge Base Documents Updated

Thursday, September 19, 2002

XPlay 1.0.3 adds support for iPod for Windows

“Mediafour has been bombarded over the last month with requests for a version of XPlay that works with the new iPod for Windows.  We’re pleased to announce that XPlay 1.0.3 makes iPod for Windows work just as well with Windows as does the traditional iPod for Mac OS.

If you do have an iPod for Windows, you’ll be glad to know that the XPlay can be used either as a complement or an alternative to the version of MUSICMATCH Jukebox provided by Apple.  Whether you love MUSICMATCH or are less than impressed, XPlay is a must for all iPod enthusiasts.”

The update is free to download for existing XPlay users. XPlay 1.0.3 can be purchased for $29.95 (download) or $39.95 (boxed/shipped).

System requirements: Windows Me, 98SE, 2000 or XP
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Deals on the Web reports “iPod Blowout” Sale

Deals on the Web reports MacWarehouse is selling iPods at “blowout” prices. The iPod 5GB plus a free Podfolio Leather iPod case for $249.00, and also the iPod 10GB plus a free Podfolio Leather iPod case for $299.99.

“It’s the best price we’ve seen on a new 5GB version at just $15 more than the lowest priced refurbished unit that’s currently available.”

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“IPod portable player enters the Windows world”

Mike Landburg for The Mercury News writes a review of iPod PC.

“After a week listening to music and audiobooks on a borrowed 20 GB iPod for Windows, I’m very impressed. The all-white face and polished aluminum back are elegant, the controls are so well designed the iPod can be easily operated with one hand, and the rechargeable battery lived up to Apple’s claim of 10 hours.”

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CBS’ “The Amazing Race” Ready with iPod

iLounger, Michael G. emails us with news that CBS’ fall show “The Amazing Race” will have life long friends, Aaron and Arianne ready for action and packing an iPod. CBS asked Aaron and Arianne, “What is the most important item in your backpack, and why?”

“Aaron: Our iPod & our wristbands. Music and style are integral parts of our lives, both individually and as a Team.
Arianne: We have an iPod, wristbands and pretty Persian scarves. This is very important, because music inspires us, and our style inspires others.”

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the Onion Flaunts iPod

Several iLoungers have pointed us to a photo of a man and his iPod at the journalistic satire website, the Onion with a simple caption, “iPod Flaunted.”

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iPod PCs now shipping in Europe

iLounger, Bert M. of Germany emailed us with information that his new iPod 10GB PC has shipped from Apple Store Europe.

“I’m from Germany and I just got my shipping confirmation for Windows 10GB iPod. Perhaps it is interesting enough for a news article that the European iPod fans getting there new toy too.”

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Software: iTunes 3.0.1 Released

“Presenting iTunes 3, the worlds best jukebox player. With millions of copies of iTunes in circulation, this wildly successful software application is justly famous for making it easier to enjoy your music your way. The intuitive interface lets you quickly encode music CDs into MP3 files, create playlists and burn music CDs. iTunes 3 takes this to the next level with even more creative ways to organize your music with Smart Playlists, and to personalize your library and load your iPod with exactly the songs you want to have at your fingertips.”

What’s new in v3.0.1:
Number of performance enhancements and provides improved support for Mac OS X 10.2.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.4 or higher
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iStand for iPod

Larry sent us an email with information about his iStand for iPod. The plexiglass stand is available in white or black for $14.95.

“I recently bought myself an iPod and I couldn’t find a
good way to prop it up on my desk so I could view the

Being a hobby craftsman, I set out to design and build
a plexiglas stand for my iPod – what I’ve named the

The iStand will hold your iPod at the right viewing
angle to see the display. You can also use the iPod’s controls without having to pick it up.”

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Refurbished iPod 5GB for $235

Small Dog Electronics is selling factory refurbished iPod 5GBs for $235. One year warranty applies and there are 64 units remaining as of this posting. Offer expires in 12 days.

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iPod Knowledge Base Documents Added/Updated

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

How To iPod On Linux

An iPodHacks reader has developed an online guide to using an iPod on Linux.

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Software: iPod It 1.5 Released

“iPod It gives you the ability to transfer all of your Entourage information to your iPod. It also lets you transfer any number of driving directions and weather forecasts to your iPod. Now you can have all of the information you need right at your finger tips and all through one application.”

    What’s new in v1.5:
  • You can now sync information to your iPod with a single click.
  • Directions works again.
  • Special characters are supported within the Calendar (it doesn’t support Unicode…). Note that the iPod doesn’t have complete support at this time (e.g. it doesn’t generate the Euro symbol).
  • Tasks that are past due will now have their reminder move with them.
  • You can now choose to generate alarms for all events exported to your iPod.
  • There are a number bug fixes (most useful for Europeans). There are also a number of performance improvements, including the retrieval Contacts and Notes lists.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, iPod v1.1 or higher and Microsoft Entourage X
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Monday, September 16, 2002

Cases: iSee for iPod case now shipping

Contour Design has announced the shipping of its new iSee for iPod case. It’s the first hard plastic case manufactured for iPod. Steve Capano, Channel Marketing Manager wrote the following in an email to iLounge:

“The iSee case for the iPod is now shipping! 

Our iSee case will fit the older 5gb and 10gb Apple iPod.  It will not fit the newer ‘thin’ 10gb or the 20gb version.  Please order on our web store if you are interested. $24.95 US

If you are outside US or Canada, please contact us

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Software: iCal Services Pack

“With this collection of scripts in the Scripts Menu (or elsewhere), events from the system calendar, current temperatures, stock quotes, iTunes track information, Bible quotes and information from Web Pages in Internet Explorer can be added to events and to dos in iCal.

Put Current iTunes Track in iCal

The script looks for a calendar called iTunes in iCal and, if it’s not there, creates it. Yep, that’s right… run this script and information about the current track you are listening to is inserted into your calendar at the current date and time.”

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.2, iCal and iTunes (optional)
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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Software: Firmware Extractor Released

Software developer, Laetitia Baudoin has released software to make it easier to update your Windows or Linux iPod with the latest Mac iPod firmware.

“If anybody is interested I wrote a little windows application that can extract the iPod Firmware from Apple’s MacOS 9.x iPod updaters. The extracted firmware can be used with Podtronics or Linux updater. As far as I know it would provide a free and legal way to update the iPod firmware.

All the iPod updaters for MacOS 9.x released so far meet these conditions.
The latest one (version 1.2 ) can be downloaded from”

System requirements: “It is written for Windows XP but should work on 95/98/Me/2000”
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