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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Mac: Pod2Go 0.3.2 Released

“Pod2Go will download news, weather and fun daily info onto your iPod so you can take it anywhere to read.”

What’s new in v0.3.2:
Fixed a major bug found in 0.3.1 that would cause the app to not even open.

License: Freeware
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later and iPod Software 1.2
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Friday, October 11, 2002

Mac: iPod It 1.6 Released

“iPod It gives you the ability to transfer all of your Entourage information to your iPod. It also lets you transfer any number of driving directions and weather forecasts to your iPod. Now you can have all of the information you need right at your finger tips and all through one application.

    What’s new in v1.6
  • When exporting to the Calendar the Entourage category is attached to each entry. The category is used as the Calendar name so that you can now have multiple iPod calendars (just like iCal).
  • You can now select Notes and Contacts based on their category.
  • In the Sync settings you can now choose between exporting all Events or just those Events within your current date range.
  • You can now choose to have all alarms, no alarms or the set alarms for Events.
  • Weather has been changed to use This means that you can now get metric forecasts if you live outside the US.
  • A number of bug fixes.

License: Shareware
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, iPod v1.1 or higher and Microsoft Entourage X
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Windows: iOutiPod Developer Wants Beta Testers

iOutiPod developer, Mike Matheson is currently looking for beta testers. If you are interested, please send him an email.

“iOutiPod is a utility that will sync you iPod with your Contacts and Appointments in Microsoft Outlook.

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Mac: iPod Viewer 2.0.0 Released

“iTunes allows you to copy MP3s from your computer to your iPod, and do everything but copy those MP3s back to your computer. But now with iPod Viewer, you can do just that. Just launch the application, import the songs from your iPod, select the songs you want to copy, choose where you want to copy the songs to, and transfer the files. That’s it!”

    What’s new in v2.0.0:
  • Arrange transferred songs via any combination of artist, album, and genre.
  • Burn MP3 CDs that will work on any platform.
  • Keeps a catalog of your imported songs so that the importing process goes faster.

License: Freeware
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
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Thursday, October 10, 2002

iPod 10GB for $239.67

Deals on the Web reports:

“ is offering the B-Stock 10 Gigabyte iPod MP3 player for $239.67. It’s the best price we’ve seen by $100.00. CDW items come with the usual caveats: B Stock items are typically customer returns that have had a restocking fee charged and are discounted accordingly. They may have cosmetic blemishes or the shipping box may be damaged. Stock is limited and usually sells out quickly after a deal post.”

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Tuesday, October 8, 2002

PC Magazine Rates iPod 20GB
PC Magazine editor Troy Dreier gave iPod 20GB top rating and said, “the best MP3 player just got better.”

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iPod 5GB for $209.78
Deals on the Web reports:

“CDW is offering the B-Stock 5 Gigabyte iPod MP3 player for $209.78. It’s the best price we’ve seen by about $30.00. CDW deals come with the usual caveats: B Stock items are typically customer returns that have had a restocking fee charged and are discounted accordingly. They may have cosmetic blemishes or the shipping box may be damaged. Stock is limited and usually sells out quickly after a deal post. If the link above does not take you to the product, you can assume that the deal has sold out.”

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Monday, October 7, 2002

Cases: ackNOWLEDGE Releases iSkin for Thinner iPod 10GB

“ackNOWLEDGE, maker of the popular iSkin – Flexible Protection for Apple iPod, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of iSkin for the new 10GB Apple iPod.  iSkin for the new 10GB iPod is the first protective case designed specifically to provide skin-fit protection without sacrificing the style and aesthetic quality of the iPod. iSkin will soon be avaiable at resellers in Canada and the United States.”

  • Some of iSkin’s features include:
  • Molded specifically for the new 10% thinner 10GB iPod
  • Available in a variety of vibrant and frosted colors called Skin Tones
  • Has heat ventilation pores to promote heat dissipation (valuable in disk
  • mode)
  • Protects while leaving all iPod controls accessible
  • Raised rear feet pegs that aid in heat release when placed flat on table
  • top
  • Extended upper protection above iPod screen area
  • Hand washable
  • Very flexible yet durable and long lasting
  • Preserves the beauty and form of the iPod
  • Side hand strap connector for attaching a hand strap (not included)
  • iSkin is also available for original 5GB, original 10GB and new 20GB iPods

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iPod Training Documents at

While searching the AppleCare Knowledge Base we found a new set of documents to help “train” iPod owners use their iPod. There are 10 documents including “Troubleshooting” to help you learn the basics. It seems that Apple is still getting all the pages ready for public viewing, because all the photos are not yet available. The following is the “iPod Module Navigation” included on each training page:

  1. Overview
  2. Power
  3. Accessories
  4. Launching
  5. Controls, Buttons and Ports
  6. Settings
  7. Transferring Songs and Playlists
  8. Browsing and Deleting
  9. FireWire Disk Mode
  10. Updater Application

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Mac: iPod2iTunes 1.7b6 Released

“Within iTunes or the Finder it is not possible to transfer tracks or playlists from your iPod to your Mac(s). iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s). All within iTunes. The synchronization ensures that you don’t produce duplicate MP3 files on your disk as it is easily the case if you just copy files from the iPod via other methods.”

    What’s new in v1.7b6:
  • Twice(!) the speed in determining iPod tracks when using iTunes 3.0.1. On top of that you can get another 40% speed increase if you let iPod2iTunes be the foreground application during determining of iPod tracks (all iTunes versions).
  • Version 1.7b5 stopped working on some machines with iTunes 3.0.0 installed.
  • Version 1.7b5 had anfile not foun-problem on some machines.
  • Version 1.7b5 (registered) has shown aunregistere dialog after determining tracks. The full functionality was fine, though.
  • Documentation: Known Issues updated (less than before :).
  • ReadMe updated.
  • This release contains no known bugs. If you find one, please report it.

License: Shareware
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.2 – 10.2.1 and iTunes 2.0.3 – 3.0.1
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Mac: iPod Software 1.2.2 for Europe Released

We received an email from Cyril Pavillard, editor in chief of in France informing us of Apple’s iPod Software 1.2.2 for the European market. Software 1.2.2 reduces the decibal level to 100dB in compliance with French regulations. iPod Software 1.2.1 is required before installng 1.2.2.

French: For more info… English translation: For more info… Download for Mac OS X… Download for Mac OS 9…

Best Buy Website Announces iPod is featuring iPod, centerstage on its website. sells the 5GB, 10GB and 20GB models for both iPod Mac and iPod PC.

“Introducing the Apple iPod
The pocket-sized iPod from Apple lets you download a ton of your favorite music – and more. See the entire line of iPod players. Plus, get free shipping on everything.”

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TechTV’s The ScreenSavers “Hack Your iPod”

Tonight on TechTV’s The ScreenSavers, hosts Leo Leport and Patrick Norton will be discussing hacks for iPod. Also included in the show will be British band, Coldplay revealing the contents of their iPods. Showtimes: 7 p.m., 10 p.m. and tomorrow at 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Pacific.

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“Review of the Apple iPod 10GB with Remote Control”

Felix Lung, contributing editor for writes a multi-page review of iPod 10GB.

“So the iPod looks cool and has all these new upgrades, but what’s it like to use? The iPod is practically THE BEST mp3 player out there. Sure you can find smaller mp3 players that will house 64 – 128 MB of storage space but where can you find a player that can store 10 – 20 GB of music in a stylish looking case? The iPod is a joy to use on an everyday basis.”

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Sunday, October 6, 2002

Windows: Palm2iPod 1.1 Released

“Palm2iPod is a plugin for Windows Palm Desktop 4.1 or later that will export your Palm Address Book and Date Book information to an Apple iPod.”

    What’s new in v1.1:
  • Support for all languages supported by the iPod (in the Unicode version of Palm2iPod)
  • Better handling of contacts with no first/last name but with a company name specified
  • Better icons

License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows and Windows Palm Desktop 4.1 (free download)
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Windows: iAppoint 0.4 Released

“With iAppoint you can store all your appointments from Windows Outlook 2000 or XP to your iPod’s Calendar. All appointments are stored into one file called vCalendar.ics which is stored on your local folder c:
This file can be copied to your iPod’s calendar folder with tools like XPlay, Macopener or Macdrive.”

What’s new in v0.4:
Added export of contacts.

License: Freeware
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