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Saturday, December 1, 2001

Software: XPlay Does iPod on Windows PC

Mediafour, developers of software products that address cross-platform computing issues, has changed the name of their upcoming XPod to XPlay. Apple expressed concerns with the use of the XPod name, making Mediafour change the name to XPlay. XPlay will enable the use of the iPod with Windows based PC’s. There is no release date set for the final product, but Mediafour‘s online FAQ states:

The release date for XPlay has not yet been set, but a free preview that is capable of uploading songs will be available by December 24th, 2001

Read more details about XPlay‘s capabilities at Mediafour‘s online FAQ.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Cases: Waterfield Designs iPod Case

Hot off the press from Gary over at Waterfield Designs with details of their new iPod cases. Several photos of their iPod Sleeve Case and the Super Dooper iPod Case are here for your viewing pleasure. Below is a brief description by Waterfield Designs on the two cases being released December 10th:

Photo Gallery

The Waterfield Designs iPod case will be available in two models:

iPod SleeveCase / $20 Based on our current laptop SleeveCase. The case has an outer Ballistic nylon shell with Lead Indium trim along the bottom. A 1 1/2” strap over the top secures the iPod inside. Shock protection is provided with a 4 mm neoprene liner. The top strap will have a eyelet hole in the center so the user can program a set of songs, place the iPod into the case and listen. The rear of the case will have a small pocket to store the ear phones when not in use, and will also have a removable belt clip.

The Super Dooper iPod Case / $40 – Available in three colors Our new iPod case design will be made from Ballistic nylon, Show loop, coated mesh and our new designer material, PlayBall. The case will provide an exact fit for the iPod. Inserting and extracting the iPod will be through a small slot on the rear of the case. Complete access to the front interface will be via an quick open flap. Access to the top (ear phones, hold button, fire wire port) will be via sliding your finger into a covered groove. This allows the user to access all the iPods controls without ever having to take the iPod out of the case. Also important, one doesn’t need to remove the headphone from the jack to open a flap to use the hold button. The flap will have a soft pocket to store you ear plugs when not in use. The rear of the case is made with a sturdy coated mesh to allow heat transfer. Attached to the rear is a removable belt clip.

Software: PodMaster 1000 Syncs up Songs on iPod

The iPod utility shareware allows iPod users to view songs on the iPod, displays some ID3 tag information, plays selected songs and can transfer songs from the iPod to other media. For more information visit the web site. Supports Mac OS 9 and X.

Forums: iPod Bug Reported

As reported by new iLounger “babymac”, there is a known bug limiting the iPod’s playback of long audio files:

If you play audio files that are longer than 20 minutes (or more accurately larger than 22 MB), then the hard drive will spin for the entire duration of the music track!
If all of your audio files meet this description, then your iPod battery will only last for THREE hours, not ten!
I have verified this bug on my own iPod by playing two files in a row. The first one was 21 minutes long. The hard drive continued to spin for several minutes before I stopped it. The second track was under three minutes and the hard drive spun for less than 15 seconds.
Beware and keep your eyes open for the Apple iPod Updater.

Coming Soon: Nu-Life Plastic Polish Review

iLounge will soon be testing and reviewing a plastic polish for those annoying scratches on the front of your iPod. Many iPod users are concerned on how easily the front panel of the iPod gets scratch marks. The Nu-Life kit includes 2 bottles, a cleaner/polish and a scratch remover/surface restorer/polish. The kit also inludes a polishing cloth. More details will be coming soon in the review.

Cases: Keep Your iPod Warm, Cozy and Scratch Free

TuffBaggs, makers of hand-crafted pack cloth bags sells a small eye glass case that should fit the iPod well. Though 3 inches taller than the iPod, the extra space allows for the connection of the earphones while in use. You could also utilize the extra space for your Firewire cable. Having a buckled flap and belt loop, the eye glass case is lined with 200 weight Polar fleece. Noted for its durability and softness the fleece will easily protect and not scratch your items. They are available in 7 colors and sells for $9.95

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Update: Apple Forgot The iPod Remote?

The empty rectangular space in the iPod packaging is for the UK power adaptor cable (UK versions). But we think there is still hope for a remote, as the diagnostic mode lists a test for it.

Review: A Week with the iPod

“The iPod seems to be the “must have” toy for the tech-set, and for good reason,” comments James Davidson of O’Reilly Network. Read the review as James writes about the iPod‘s form factor, user interface, music playback, firewire disk mode, and more.

Update: iPod Diagnostic Mode

An iLounger wrote telling us that testing the 5-1 test while in diagnostic mode rendered his iPod basically useless. It played an MP3 for about 20 seconds then it reset itself. User, “dvdevo” happily reports, all is well after a reset. Diagnostic mode discovery, test and results courtesy of diagnostic tests at your own risk or not at all.

Thursday, November 28, 2001

Review: C|net iPod Review

C|net has posted their final review of the iPod. “After testing a final production unit, we still think that it beats the pants off of anything else out there.”

Update: Aquapac Waterproof Case

Aquapac informs us that the best case for the iPod is NOT the pager case, but the larger CD player type portable audio case. The opening for the smaller pager case would make it difficult to insert the iPod past the Aquaclip (which is the locking mechanism to secure the waterproof case). The portable audio case allows users to thread the earphone wire through the case and remain waterproof. The remaining extra space could be used for a small cell phone or pager. The portable audio case sells for $59.99 at

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Software: CDFinder Adds iPod Support

Version 3.5 adds the ability to catalog the iPod‘s hidden MP3 music files. According to its author, Norbert M. Doerner, it will catalog CD-ROM, DVD, hard disk, floppy, ZIP, Audio-CD, and almost everything that spins.

Software: iPod Compatible ID3X Released

ID3X ia an easy, hassle free way of editing ID3 tags in MP3 music files. Change title, artist, album, track, year, genre, and comments in a friendly OS X compatible interface and view your changes in iTunes or other MP3 player.

Tips & Tricks: iPod Diagnostic Mode

Users are discovering that various iPod features can be tested by initiating a diagnostic mode. There are 16 tests available, including “REMOTE”. Can this be? Will Apple release an iPod remote? To learn more on how you can initiate the diagnostic mode, check the Tips & Tricks section. Diagnostic mode discovery, test and results courtesy of

Monday, November 26, 2001

Cases: Another iPod Case Discovery

If this keeps up, we’re going to have to dedicate an entire section to iPod cases. Another possible case has been discovered for the iPod. Brookstone, a nationwide specialty retailer have a Micro Leather Phone Case for the Motorola Startac type phones. Well, it just so happens to fit the iPod perfectly. The only thing to do is to create a hole for the earphone plug. It also comes with a flap-over lid, allowing easy access to the hold switch on the iPod. Price is $12.50.

Cases: iPod Case Announced

iLounger Jeremy H. sent us a heads up on yet another case maker who have an iPod carry case in the works. Waterfield Designs, maker of bags for on-the-go, always-connected, information-at your-fingertips urban warrior, has announced a December 10th release of the iPod case. No other details are providied on thier web site, but stay tuned as we get more information.

Cases: Waterproof iPod Cases

More than likely you will need a case for your iPod on those days
sunning at the beach or boating on the lake. Aquapac and Otter Products
offer cases just for those occasions.

Aquapac, makers of waterproof vinyl pouches are 100% waterproof for up
to depths of 130 feet. Aquapac makes a pager case that would fit the
iPod perfectly and comes with a locking belt clip. It sells for $14.99.
Otter Products, makers of watertight, crush-proof boxes are waterproof
for up to depths beyond 100 feet. Though a bit larger than the iPod, the
Otter Box 2000 series case would fit it nicely and give you added
assurance if you were to drop it. The Otter Box 2000 comes with a
protective foam liner and nylon lanyard for easy carrying. It sells for
$11.61 on sale at

News: Apple Forgot The iPod Remote?

Is that empty rectangular space in your iPod packaging mean anything?
Could it have been reserved for an Apple iPod remote? Was there not
enough time to manufacture the remote, so they shipped the iPod without
it? Mac OS Rumors speculates on the possibility of an iPod remote in its
article “The Case of the Missing iPod Remote?”.

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