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Saturday, December 8, 2001

Software: iPod Software Updater 1.0.2 warning

Careful when choosing to “Cancel” an install of the recently released iPod Software Updater 1.0.2. A reader at MacNN, reports the following:

“Just to let you know that I had a perfectly working iPod until I decided to run the update. No progress was being shown on the progress bar so I decided after 5 mins to press the CANCEL” … “now stuck on the welcome screen (apple logo with Ipod Title) and the HD is running constantly” … “I believed that is that option was available that meant that it was not dangerous.”

Update: MARWARE Neoprene Case for the iPod

MARWARE has sent in descriptions of two new neoprene cases soon to be released. We’ll be recieving, photos, pricing and samples for review as soon as they are available. MARWARE is also welcoming reader suggestions for their upcoming iPod cases. Send them an MARWARE, they will both offer features our competitors

The pouch style features a 3mm neoprene exterior with vulcanized neoprene
sides. There is a small stretchy pocket in the front for earphones and a
belt clip on the back. The case contains a plastic insert in both front and
back that protects the iPOD from impacts. (Those of you familiar with our
laptop cases will recognize this feature.) The plastic inserts have the
added benefit of making the iPod very easy to remove from the pouch.  The
interior of the case is fully lined with plush fabric to avoid scratches.
The earphone jack does not need to be removed when the lid of the case is
opened. The case is slim and fits snugly around the iPAQ. It does NOT add
significant bulk. The pouch case will be available in five colors. We hope
to have this available for shipping in 1-2 weeks.

The play-through case was developed with local athletes to provide quick
access to the iPod as well as a accommodate a range of wearing preferences.
The basic case is form-fitting neoprene that leaves openings for the screen
and jog wheel, as well as the Hold button at the top. There is a removable
quick-open lid that can be used to cover the screen and jog-wheel when more
protection is needed. The lid has a small stretchy pocket for earphones. The
case features a removable belt clip and comes with a neoprene armband and
neoprene belt for use while jogging or working out. A D-ring at the top
allows the use of a lanyard or hand strap. This case also features plastic
inserts for impact protection and a fully plush-lined interior. The case
will be available in five colors and we hope to have it ready for shipping
in January. This case is still under development and some of the details may
change before the final release. We welcome
reader suggestions in regards to an iPod case. The more information we have on
usage preferences, the better the product we can make available.

Cases: Yet Another Neoprene Case for the iPod reports on MARWARE, a carrying-case maker that it is working on a Neoprene iPod Case. Though MARWARE’s web site says to check back on December 15th, we have contacted MARWARE for any info they may have for our iLoungers.

Update: iPod Pricing

[Updated: Monday, December 10, 2001, 9:39 PM PST]
iLounger “NA” tells us that Apple iPod pricing was not set at $200, but 15% off the retail price. Another iLounger, from the famous, sent us this tidbit about the employee pricing:

“Apple told all employees, in order to avoid lay offs, there will be no
raises and bonuses across the board, from mail room to high executives, and to make
up the sad news, Apple offered employees to buy the iPod at $200. Only one per

iLounger, “JackFrost IV” writes in response to our recent “iPod Pricing” news post. He adds:

You might also want to note
that Apple developer pricing is set at $319, while a friend of mine said Apple
employee pricing was about $200. Apple usually sets developer prices at
cost, or right around cost in any case. So if developer pricing on the
iPod is $319, that should give you an indication of what it’s costing
Apple to build the iPod. The Apple employee pricing I can’t first hand
confirm, but it sounds about right.

Cases: Waterfield Designs is taking pre-orders on iPod Cases

More case choices are becoming available as Waterfield Designs announces the pre-order of their iPod cases. As described by Waterfield Designs:

Two fabulous iPod cases to suit your style: the form-fitting Super Dooper iPod Case $40 and the sleek-looking, iPod SleeveCase $20. Both come with a small earphone storage pocket and a removable belt clip so you can hook your iPod anywhere.

December 10: – Waterfield Designs iPod SleeveCase ship date.
December 17: – Waterfield Designs The Super Dooper iPod case ship date

Friday, December 7, 2001

News Alert: iPod Sleep Mode Bug and iPod Firmware Update 1.0.2

Apple has posted a report about the possibilty of iPods having the Sleep Mode bug. The new iPod Firmware Update 1.0.2 (also known as the iPod Software Updater 1.0.2) will fix this bug. All iPod users are urged to download and install the new update. Description of Sleep Mode bug from as follows:

Apple has identified a bug that can cause a small percentage of iPods to temporarily not wake from sleep when the battery reaches a low charge level. Apple has developed an iPod firmware update that fixes this bug. Apple strongly recommends that all iPod customers download and install the iPod firmware update version 1.0.2. This iPod firmware update also provides additional quality enhancements and support for additional languages, including Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

Cases: Netalog Neoprene iPod Case on sale now

Netalog, Inc, makers of the new Neoprene iPod Case announced it is now taking orders. Get your case now. Also note, Netalog has graciously donated a case to to give away in an upcoming promotion. Thanks Netalog!

Software: iPod Software Updater 1.0.2

Earlier today, Apple posted the anticipated iPod Software Updater 1.0.2.

News: iPod Pricing

Checking C|net’s, reveals a $389.00 price for the iPod. But NexTag, another online price watcher lists a lower price at $382.56. Of course, we saved the best for last. Apple Education pricing is set at $369.00! That’s a $30 savings off the non-academic price.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Forums: Scroll Wheel Problems

Though the scroll wheel is a great idea in a simple interface, how will it stand up to everyday use? This may be an isolated case, but one does not know what kind of extended use the scroll wheel can handle before starting to show wear. If you have any problems with the scroll wheel please report it in the Forums

I’ve had my iPod for just over a week now. I love it as much as anyone. The one slight worry I have is that my scroll wheel appears to be coming loose. For example, if a press on one side of it the other side tips up. It also seems to “free-wheel” more than it used to. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it nothing to worry about?

Review: Finds iPod Elegant

“From its gorgeous packaging to its excellent earbuds, it lives up to all that hype.” Read the full review.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Forums: What do you think about

We’ve recently added 2 new forums: “Site Feedback” and “Suggestions”. If you could take a few minutes and tell us what you think about, or have any suggestions for the web site, please write in. With your help, we can learn of what you do or don’t like and improve the site in future revisions. Thanks.

Announcement: Congratulations to iLounger “dvd”

The winner of the 1st t-shirt give-a-way will be receiving an official logo t-shirt. Thanks for joining the Forums! The 2nd t-shirt drawing will be held on December 20, 2001. Register now and start discussing all things iPod.

The Team would also like to thank all of you who have registered with the Forums. would not be as successful as we are, if it weren’t for our “iLoungers”.

Forums: Do-It-Yourself iPod Case

iLounger, “crossbow” writes in to tell us about his do-it-yourself alternative case for the iPod.

I, too, am waiting for commercial cases to arrive. However, I am currently using the case from a Nokia cell phone. It has elastic sides so it grips the iPod snug. It has a clear plastic front that goes from the top of iPod’s case almost to the bottom of the shuttle wheel. I used a sharp knife to cut a circular hole in the plastic that is the exact size of the shuttle wheel but not including the outer ring buttons. It works great and I can still press the buttons through the plastic. The case itself is a little long for the iPod but because of the elastic sides the iPod will not slip out. I’m making some mods to the top flaps to make the whole package cleaner. Oh, the ID on the case is “for NOKIA 2120/2160” in case anyone is looking for it.

Review: Apple iPod Plays Amazing Sounds

Mark Kellner, computer columnist for the Washington Times gives a rave review of the iPod’s sound reproduction capabilities and more. “The sound is nothing short of brilliant – I’m hearing notes that I’ve not heard in other renditions of this song…”

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

News: iPod Analyzed

First reported by a user at, Webnoise, a research firm specializing in digital entertainment analyzes the iPod and how it impacts the consumer market. Take a look as we learn just how important the iPod may be.

Cases: New iPod Case by Netalog
12:03 AM PST

Update: Here’s the photo of the upcoming case.

Jeffrey Grady of Netalog, Inc writes in to tell us about a new iPod case in the works.

Here’s a graphic representation of what the case will look like. Here’s the photo.

I wanted to tell you about yet another case for the iPod that will be available in the coming weeks.  My company, Netalog, Inc. has designed and is releasing a Neoprene case custom built for use with the iPod.

This neoprene case is designed for those who want to take their iPod on the go.  It is ideal for active people who want to use their iPod while walking, jogging, running, or working out in the gym. It features a clear
plastic area for the display and a round, open area beneath to access the special jog dial to control the
iPod. This will keep the entire face of the unit protected (with the exception of the jog dial of course).

This neoprene case is not only functional, but it provides excellent protection for the expensive iPod unit.  It will also feature a belt clip and Velcro enclosure tabs that will hold the unit snuggly in the case. This product should be available from most major Mac catalog retailers (i.e. MacWarehouse, MacMall, Club Mac) and will retail in the $12-$14 range. Product images will be available shortly.

Tips & Tricks: iPod Burns to Firewire CDRW Drive? is busy trying to successfully burn a CD from the iPod to a compatible Firewire CDRW drive. Let’s help them out as they search for a suitable Firewire CDRW drive. Anybody with a FireWire CDRW with the one of the following mechanisms please email us:



Monday, December 3, 2001

News: iPod Jobs at Apple has posted an interesting tidbit, “Video, Windows Compatibility on Tap for iPod?”. Apple has announced several job openings for their iPod division. Some very interesting job requirements include Video knowledge, writing applications for the iPod, and experience with PC’s. For more information check out the story at

Warning: Installing OS 9 and OS X on an iPod

A reader has submitted a warning against the use of an OS on the iPod. There’s a good chance the drive will burn out. The readers friend, an Apple employee, having been through iPod training at Apple, has advised against the use of OS 9 or OS X on the iPod. You may burn out the internal hard drive due to extended read/write sessions required by the OS. You can read the rest at Macintouch’s iPod Reader Reports page.

Software: Xpod MP3 Transfer Utility

Xpod, by software developer BITcom in Switzerland, has released an iPod transfer utility. It allows for the copying of MP3 files from an iPod to another system. Don’t confuse this with the previously named software, XPod from Mediafour, as mentioned in news on Saturday (see below “Software: XPlay Does iPod on Windows PC”).

Sunday, December 2, 2001

Links: iPod Reviews List

Did you miss an iPod review? Find a list of reviews on our Links page. There are over 30 listed.

Tips & Tricks: Inside the iPod

This just in from AJ at They have dissected the iPod a second time and pulled the circuit board out! has posted photos. The first dissection revealed a curious, empty socket on the board. Check it out.

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