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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Apple Store Restocks Refurbished iPods

iLounger Tom has informed us that Apple has replenshished its supply of refurbished iPods.

“It looks like Apple has more refurbished iPods (5 GB and 20 GB) available at the Apple Store as of this morning. I just bought the 5 GB (woo hoo – my first iPod!), but I’m sure there are plenty available.”

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Mac: Pod2Go 0.4 Released

“Pod2Go will download news, weather, stock quotes, and more onto your iPod so you can take it anywhere to read.
It supports articles from all the iPod websites and many Mac news websites and more. You can also sync weather from any location. There is an autosync feature which will automatically sync your iPod when it is connected to your computer.”

    What’s new in v0.4:
  • Stock quotes and Text sections.
  • RSS support
  • Plain text support (via internet)
  • About 40 more news sources.
  • Major interface improvements.
  • New vCard output.
  • Improved auto syncing.
  • Improved icon color settings.
  • New preferences window layout.
  • Improved Read Me
  • Other minor bug fixes.

License: Freeware
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later and iPod Software 1.2

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Friday, December 13, 2002

Mac: PodWorks 1.0 Released

“PodWorks is the latest entry in the crowded field of iPod song copying utilities, but it has several important differences that I feel distinguish it immediately from the competition. In developing PodWorks, I spent a good deal of time (6+ months) working to ensure a superior user experience in almost every aspect of the song copying process.

The most important chunk of this time was spent developing a parser for the iPod’s proprietary, internal database format (the same data source used by iTunes in examining the iPod). This gives PodWorks a distinct advantage over other, similar applications, which typically have to pull ID3 data out of every file on a given iPod to obtain song information (a very time consuming process). By contrast, when a new iPod is detected by PodWorks, that iPod’s song list is rendered nearly instantaneously from the database—no “scanning” of the iPod necessary!”

    Additional features include:
  • Drag-and-drop song copying to the Finder.
  • iTunes-style type-ahead search of song data (title, artist, album).
  • iTunes-style song sorting by multiple columns.
  • Preferences for song renaming and copies into directory hierachies.
  • Optimized, fully multithreaded copy routines for superior performance.
  • Automatic detection of iPod mounts and unmounts.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous iPods.

License: Shareware (US $11.95)
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and a Mac iPod

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“iPod accessory price cuts at SiK”

Dealmac reports:

“SiK trimmed prices on three of its popular iPod accessories. The HotWire power-only cable costs $13, down $3, the Auto Adapter | iPod costs $19, down $2, and the FireJuice power-injector costs $25, down $2.”

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

“Mobile Computing: Cool Gifts for Mobile Mavens”

James A. Stewart of PC World magazine rounds up the latest cool gadgets for the holidays and rates iPod as “the coolest portable gadget.” You’ll also find a list of his favorite accessories for iPod.

“The IPod has a practical side, too. I use mine to back up big folders on my PC that won’t fit on a CD or Zip disc. Other things I love about the IPod are its impressive sound quality and its 21 preset equalizer settings that enhance the sounds of rock, Latin, piano, hip hop, jazz, and other music styles.”

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The PodShop introduces PodHolder

The PodShop has developed a clear acrylic stand for iPod. The PodHolder features six small rubber pads to grip your iPod and sells for $15.95. The PodShop is offering free shipping until Christmas to anywhere in the US.

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iPod Knowledge Base Documents Updated

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Cases: New Neoprene iPod/MP3 Pouch

Shoreline Cases and Accessories has released a new case for iPod. The iPod/MP3 Pouch is made of Neoprene with a flip-lid design and has a nylon belt loop with snap-closure. The iPod is protected by a clear vinyl front panel with a hole for accessing the scroll wheel. There is also enough room at the top fo the case to stow your earphones. Available in black, royal blue and indigo, the iPod/MP3 Pouch sells for $14.99.

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Cases: New Action Jacket from has released a new iPod case called the Action Jacket. Constructed of 2.5” Neoprene with rubber side grips, the case includes a Neoprene arm band and swivel belt clip. The Action Jacket provides full-access to your iPod, fits all iPod models, comes in four colors (Licorice, Indigo, Apple Red and Graphite) and costs $29.99.

Look in “Cases and Clips” > “Neoprene”
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Mac|Windows: iPod+ 0.0.5 Released

“There are several utilities available to synchronize text files with your iPod (displayed as special Contacts). Some also support web pages. But none to my knowledge support rdf/rss news feeds embedded in named Calendars. iPod+ supports all of these features and runs on both MacOS 9.x and MacOS X. The only caveat is that it is pre-alpha. But give it a shot anyway. There is even a bit of documentation.”

    What’s new in v0.0.5:
  • Support for Windows (in addition to OS 9 and X)!
  • Stock Quotes, Weather Info, and Sports Schedules are now all supported data sources in addition to RSS/RDF news feeds and text and html files
  • HTTP Proxy support if you are behind a firewall
  • User configurable auto-deletion of old iPod+ data
  • Many ease of use enhancements

License: Pre-alpha
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.x, Mac OS 9.x, and/or Windows.

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Mac: iPodium 4.0 Released (Japan)

Miku-soft in Japan have created a virtual iPod MP3 player for your Mac. It can play your iTunes or iPod playlists, has Contacts, Calendar, Clock and even has the Breakout game …just like the real iPod. Navigating through the interface is just like on a real iPod also including a “click” sound. Although the user can choose between English or Japanese for the interface, the user manual has not yet been translated to English.

License: Shareware
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, Mac OS 9.x, QuickTime 5 and iPod Software 1.2.1

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Download for Mac OS X…
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iPod 5GB for $239.00

Deals On The Web reports:

“PowerMax offers the factory refurbished Apple iPod 5 Gigabyte MP3 player for $239.00. It’s the lowest current price we’ve seen. A 1 year warranty is included.”

For more info… Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Apple Releases Limited Edition Celebrity iPods

Update: We just discovered that rock band No Doubt is among the list of limited edition iPods that are now available. Apple is not promoting these new iPods on its own website, but rather on the celebrity’s website. report…
No Doubt iPod…

Update: There is also a limited edition iPod with laser-engraved signature of musician Beck. Looks like all limited edition celebrity iPods are available until January 8. Who will be next? report…
Beck iPod…

Apple is selling limited edition, laser-engraved iPods with signatures by Madonna and pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk. The limited edition iPod 5GB sells for $348, the 10GB for $448 and the iPod 20GB for $548, and are available for Mac or Windows. According to, her signature iPod is only available until January 8. Does this mean we can expect more limited edition celebrity iPods will be released?

CNET Report…
Madonna iPod…
Tony Hawk iPod…

iPod Makes TechTV’s Top 20 Gifts

The TechTV Labs, Leo and Sumi have listed iPod as the number 2 pick, placed between a Samsung portable DVD Player (3) and the TiVo (1).

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Monday, December 9, 2002

Buyer Beware: An iPod Scam?

An interesting discussion in the forums has iLoungers talking about, an online retailer with incredibly low prices (up to 50% off) on iPods and other Apple products. Outlet Escrow uses Evocash as their payment processor, but Evocash denies that Outlet Escrow has an account with them, and has published a warning about Outlet Escrow on its website.

“It has been brought to our attention that there is a website offering computers, cameras and software, this website which is located at is claiming to use Evocash as their only payment option. We have thoroughly checked and this company does not even have an account with Evocash.

What is more of a problem is that they have a dummy Evocash login box on their website where if you login you are taken to the Evocash website but at the same time we believe a copy of the username and password is sent to another address where these people can then login and take control of the account.”

Forum discussion…
Outlet Escrow…

XtremeMac: Save 10% On All iPod Accessories

Our friends at XtremeMac emailed to inform us that through December 31st you can save 10% on all iPod accessories. This discount is valid on all orders placed before December 31, 2002.

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“Tune in iPod”

Lee Dembart of the International Herald Tribune reviews iPod and mentions iLounge as being a “helpful user’s group.” Thanks Mr. Dembart.

“The iPod is a one-hand machine. You can hold it easily in one hand, and you can manipulate its five simple control buttons and touchpad with the fingers of that hand. The other two devices [Nomad Jukebox and Lyra Jukebox] have more buttons and more complicated ways of doing things.”

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TIME Holiday Shopper’s Guide Picks iPod 20GB

TIME magazine online picked the iPod 20GB as the “expensive” MP3 player for gift giving this holiday season in its Tech Buyer’s Guide.

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iPod Knowledge Base Document Updated

iPod: About the Hold Switch

Sunday, December 8, 2002

Good Deal on Sony MDR-EX70SL Earphones in White

iLounger Sumair emails us with information on where to get a good deal on the Sony MDR-EX70SL Fontopia Earphones in white (Japanese version).

“I found a good site to buy the Sony MDR-EX70SL. For $42 you can buy them at they ship via EMS Speedpost (Hong Kong shipping takes 1-2 days to the US) for only $10. So for a total of $52 you can get these iPod matching headphones, this is cheaper than eBAY and”

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