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Friday, December 14, 2001

Site News: is among MacUsers UK Web Sites of the Week. along similar lines to iPodHacks, but with a sleeker, more iPod-like design.

Thanks for the mention MacUser!

Hardware: iPod Battery Issue reports:

Sources indicate that some early iPods could be rendered inoperative, if the battery was discharged completely:

“The new iPod software 1.02 update was designed to help manage low power situations, but in some cases, when using the older version of the software, if the iPod battery discharged completely, it may not turn on or charge at all (either via computer or the wall-charger). Apple is aware of the situation and is sending replacments to affected customers. Althernatively, customers can also trying popping the battery out and putting it back in (but that requires some amount of finaggling and is generally not recommended.)”

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Software: iTunes 2.0.3 Released

Apple has released iTunes 2.0.3 via the Software Update control panel:

What’s new in iTunes 2.0.3
iTunes 2.0.3 offers greater control when synchronizing iTunes with the iPod by transferring only the checked songs in your library and playlists to your iPod. This version also adds support for the Rio One MP3 player from SONICblue, a tool for for correcting improperly encoded Unicode tags, and improved stability and performance.

Site News: Web Site Down
Posted: 9:28 PM PST

It seems as though our web site was down today for several hours at a time. We’re not exactly sure what the problem was. We are investigating it now. We apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused our readers. Thank you.

Site News: iLounge Chat Feature Available

The iLounge chat feature is now fully fuctional. We may be starting regularly scheduled chat sessions on new topics related to the iPod or current hot topics within the forums.

Review: The iPod Meets The Bose QuietComfort Headset

Lose those earbuds and read this review on some very nice headphones to accompany your iPod. reviews the Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones:

“Choose your favorite song; plug in the ear buds and listen. Nice, isn’t it? Then unplug the ear buds and plug in the Bose headset and listen…it’s the “awe” factor all over again. I never knew music could sound this good.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Software: Podmaster 1000 New Version

Chris Calvert, creator of PodMaster 1000, writes in to tell us he has released a new version.

The latest version beta 9.6 is now available. It adds better MacOS X and iPod Software Updater 1.0.2 support. It can also play songs continuously or randomly from the iPod. The program is carbonized and will run under MacOS 9.1 or MacOS X. Their are other features described in the Read Me document. Download it from here.

Cases: Marware’s SportSuit Sleeve for the iPod On Sale Now

Case maker, Marware, is taking pre-orders on its new SportSuit Sleeve for the iPod. Available in 6 colors, the SportSuit Sleeve ($19.95) is a pouch-type case fully encasing the iPod. If you want access to the buttons and scroll-wheel while in the case, you will be better off waiting for Marware‘s upcoming SportSuit (price TBA) for the iPod. It will enable the full use of the iPod through its play-through case design.

Hardware: Br Bott’s Auto Charger for iPod On Sale Now

We received an email from Dr. Bott announcing their new Auto Charger for the iPod is now shipping.

Dr. Bott’s Auto Charger for iPod ensures that you are never far from a
full battery nor will you be caught on the road without the power you need
to keep your music flowing. Auto Charger for iPod connects to the standard
12 Volt DC cigarette lighter found in most any car and provides power to
the FireWire port of the iPod.

Tips & Tricks: How to Play Breakout on an iPod

Some of the new iPod owners around the world may have missed this early tip. You can play Breakout, a classic Atari arcade game, created by Steve Wozniak, co-creator of Apple, Inc., in 1976.

1. While at the main menu, select “About”.
2. Hold the select button for several seconds.
3. Scroll to move left or right.
4. Press select to start a new game.
5. Press “menu” to exit Breakout.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Software: Mediafour’s XPlay Preview 1 Released

Mediafour releases XPlay Preview 1 for Windows. Got Windows? Now you too can enjoy the iPod. For more detailed information see the XPlay Preview 1 web page. Please heed the warning on their web site. Use the Preview 1 version at your own risk.

Software: iPod Updater Adds New Feature

As reported on, reader Kurt brings to our attention a feature added by the new iPod Software Updater 1.0.2:

“The iPod update adds a small yet cool feature. If you have edited start and/or stop play times in iTunes. (for example, start playing a live track after the audience applauds) The time display accurately reflects where the song begins and ends. I have a couple songs that start at around 20 odd seconds into the track. iPod now shows the time correctly when the song begins playing. Earth shattering? No. Just another attention to detail, that we’ve all come to know and (for the most part) love.”

Cases: Other World Computing Pod Protector/iPod Giveaway

Enter to win an iPod! Other World Computing, online computer retailer, has announced it’s Pod Protector Giveaway. The Grand Prize is an (1) Apple iPod. Other prizes are (25) OWC’s new Pod Protectors with clip and (25) Pod Protectors without clip.

Tips & Tricks: Missing Resume Feature

iLounger, “spad” sent in a little-known tip perfect for use with audiobook MP3’s.

“I’ve yet to see this mentioned anywhere, but you actually can ‘resume’
with the iPod. Simply pause the tune or audiobook and allow the iPod to
put itself to sleep, which takes a minute or so. When you’re ready to
resume, press the play button to pick up where you left off.”

Hack: Looking Inside the Firmware reader “case” did some hacking into the firmware hidden inside the recently released iPod Software Updater 1.0.2. Interestingly enough, he found various icons used within the iPod’s firmware. Notice the “Coming Soon” icon, which raises questions as to what’s in store for the iPod’s future offerings. Here are photos of the icons.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Cases: Waterfield Designs iPod Cases On Sale Now

Waterfield Designs is now taking pre-orders on their new iPod cases.

Two fabulous iPod cases to suit your style: the form-fitting Super Dooper iPod Case $40 and the sleek-looking, iPod SleeveCase $20. Both come with a small earphone storage pocket and a removable belt clip so you can hook your iPod anywhere.

Sunday, December 9, 2001

Cases: JR Hill & Co. Release Leather iPod Sleeves

JR Hill & Co. have released their anticipated leather iPod sleeve cases. There are two models: The basic iPod Sleeve ($29.99) is a simple carrying case with a belt clip and a hole at the top to access the headphone jack. The iPod Sleeve Deluxe ($39.99) has a clear plastic area for the display, a round cut-out for easy access to the scroll wheel and a hole at the top to access the headphone jack.  This release is for the general public, some of you may have received email notices for the earlier release if you had joined their mailing list.

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