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Friday, December 21, 2001

Software: iPod Software Updater 1.0.3
[Updated: 11:08 PM PST]

Apple has removed the iPod Software Updater 1.0.3 from it’s site:

The iPod Software Updater 1.0.3 has been temporarily removed due to incompatibilities with “blue and white” Power Macintosh G3 systems. A new version which addresses the issue will be posted shortly.

The iPod updater page states the following revisions since 1.0.2:
iPod now supports additional languages, including Brazilian/Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish. MP3 sound quality has been improved and iPod names up to 255 characters are now supported.

The iPod Updater has two functions, update and restore.

Download it here.

iLounger, “G4MacUser” installed the update and reports the following:
“Takes about 20 seconds of iPod time to update. Be sure and watch the iPod LCD while it updates. It shows a progress bar.”

If you have any problems with the install, post it in the forums: iPod Software Updater 1.0.3: Problem reports

Software: Turn your iPod into an Address Book
[Updated: Saturday, 6:01 PM PST]

Rich Goldman wrote a handy script to automate the process of turning your Entourage and Outlook Express contacts into mp3’s for syncing to your iPod. Download the script.

Software: New iPod Software: escapePod 1.0 Released

METAMAGE Corp., a premier multimedia and Internet solutions company based
in Toronto, Canada has made available escapePod 1.0 for immediate
download. EscapePod is an AppleScript application that works in
conjunction with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5.0 for Macintosh and
QuickTime to retrieve songs stored on Apples iPod. 

Users of Macintosh computers running OS9.x or OS 10.x can use escapePod to
easily retrieve songs from their iPod to any host computer.

To download visit:

iPod: Only Apple Logo and iPod Name Appear on Display When Turned On reports on an iPod problem/solution posted in AppleCare Knowledge Base. Apple has recognized a glitch when users turn on their iPod and only the Apple logo and iPod name appears. Apple has posted a step-by-step solution and if that doesn’t work, you can use Apple’s iPod Service web site to make arrangements for repair.

Hardware: The iPod Connection Kit is now shipping

Dr.Bott shipping the Dr.Bott iPod Connection Kit with FM Transmitter:

iPod offers unprecedented mobility for your music, not to mention
exceptional battery life for those on the go. Dr. Bott is building on what
Apple has started to offer accessories that get those 1000 songs out of
your pocket and into your car, home, or wherever you are.

Dr. Bott’s iPod Connection Kit includes everything you might need to bring
your music anywhere you might want it. iPod Connection Kit provides many
options for connecting to iPod’s 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack to automobile
stereo systems, home stereo systems, mic input of computers and other
devices, boom boxes, and clock radios. The kit, valued at over $90,
includes an iPod Auto Charger, FM Transmitter (batteries included), three
audio cables and a carry pouch.

Availability: Dr. Bott’s iPod Connection Kit is available immediately in
the US and retails for $49.95. Dr. Bott’s iPod Connection Kit II with
Cassette adapter will be available worldwide in January 2002.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Software: Dead iPod Syndrome
[Updated: 11:02 PM PST] reports on a reader submitting Apple‘s officially recommended procedure for breathing life back into your iPod after a failed attempt at installing the iPod Software Updater 1.0.2.

“It worked perfectly. All my data was lost but I had it all in iTunes so this was no real problem. The only problem was the time, it seems to take forever to do the update – so be patient.”

Site News: Last Day for Give-A-Way Entries

Today is the last day for the Grand Launch Give-A-Way and the 2nd T-Shirt Give-A-Way entries! Register to win! The winner will be announced Friday morning. The next iPod case give-a-way will begin January 1, 2002. There are no plans for a 3rd t-shirt give-a-way until the new designs are completed. We think you’ll dig the next series of t’s.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Software: Apple Releases iTunes Scripts for 2.0

Want to enhance your iTunes experience, why not use automated tasks to help organize your collection and more? Download the script collection for OS 9 or OS X. We’ve listed some of the scripts included in the collection:

  • Add to iTunes Library
  • Build CD Tray Insert
  • CDDB Search by Album, CDDB Search by Artist, CDDB Search by Song Title
  • CDNOW Search by Album, CDNOW Search By Artist, CDNOW Search by Song Title
  • iPod Library Summary

Music: Universal And Mac Don’t Mix

Updated: [6:22 PM PST]

Since posting this news story, an interesting solution for the digital distribution of music has come about. iLounger, “Youasktoomuch” writes in with an idea to sell music using a point system:

“Slip in a serial number in each CD package to let the buyer register on a website. That registration allows a certain number of subscription points towards downloading other songs or titles on that label. You pay the typical current high price 300 percent profit or more for a CD, you get five song points to use however you wish, and these can accumulate. You can still get previews of songs in lower quality streams to see if it would be a song you would want.

If people want more downloads, you have to make the cost per song reasonable.
definately under a dollar per song more like 50 cents. (No manufacturing or packaging costs) With discounts for larger subscriptions. renewable as you go along or on a yearly basis.”

If you have comments, post them here: Universal And Mac Don’t Mix reports on a recent announcement by Universal Music Group.

“The world’s largest record company will be the first of the major labels to release a copy-protected CD in the United States, signaling a new chapter in the industry’s efforts to stem music piracy.”

For more bad news, the copy-protected CD will NOT playback on Macintosh computers, DVD players and game consoles. One also wonders, if the CD will playback at all in some CD players. If the consumer is not satisfied with the playback of the CD, Universal will refund the amount, including opened packages. Time will tell how consumers will react…Blake Patterson of has already taken a stance stating that he wants to boycott Universal.

How do you feel about this? Discuss it in the Forums: Universal And Mac Don’t Mix

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

News: The iPod Store

You may have already known, but Netalog, who recently launched their own Neoprene iPod case, has developed an entire online store dedicated to all things iPod. The iPod Store offers headphones, an auto cassette adaptor, auto swivel mount and more for your iPod needs. reported on this story as well and Jeff Grady of The iPod Store told them, “We are building a line of products that all work with the iPod. In fact, we aim to be the number one site for such products and accessories.”

Monday, December 17, 2001

Cases: Italian Leather iPod Case Coming Soon

Patrick Huveldt, of Software & Things, has sent an email announcing the upcoming release of an Italian leather iPod case ($26.95). Finishing up last minute touches to their online store, Software & Things will soon be coming online to sell their leather case. Check back here for an update with a link. No other information is available at this time. Patrick will also be sending us a Quicktime VR of the case for posting. Thanks to Patrick, will be giving away the leather case in an upcoming Software & Things sponsored Leather iPod Case Give-A-Way.

View several photos of the case in our photo gallery.

Hardware: Dr.Bott iPod Connection Kit II Announced

A press release from Dr.Bott, manufacturer and distributor of Macintosh peripherals, indicates they will soon be releasing the Dr.Bott iPod Connection Kit II ($47.50). Expect shipping in January.

Dr. Bott is proud to announce iPod(TM) Connection Kit II with Cassette

Dr. Bott’s iPod(TM) Connection Kit II includes everything you might need to
bring your music anywhere you might want it. iPod(TM) Connection Kit
provides options for connecting to iPod’s 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack to
automobile stereo systems, home stereo systems, mic input of computers and
other devices, boom boxes, and tape players. The kit includes an Auto
Charger, Cassette Adapter, various audio cables and a carry pouch.

“Our original iPod Connection Kit includes an FM transmitter that isn’t
able to be sold in all parts of the world. We’ve seen great interest for
the kit worldwide so we decided to release a version that could be offered
everywhere the iPod is sold. The iPod Connection Kit II replaces the FM
transmitter with a cassette tape adapter.” Said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr.
Bott LLC. “This kit is a great addition to the iPod and provides everything
an iPod owner is going to want sooner or later to get the most out of their

Dr. Bott’s iPod(TM) Connection Kit includes:
– Auto Charger for iPod(TM)
– Cassette Tape Adapter
– Mini Stereo Extension Cable (male/female)
– Mini Stereo to RCA Cable
– Mini Stereo Connection Cable (male/male)
– iPod(TM) Carry Pouch

Software: PodMaster 1000 v9.7 Released

Chris Calvert, the mastermind behind PodMaster 1000 has released a new version with the following revisions: [Download]

Finally debugged the code to save the files into sorted folders. Will put
all your songs, or selected songs into folders by artist by album in much
the same way iTunes keeps them. A bit handier when dealing with a thousand
songs in one folder.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

Tips & Tricks: Having trouble transferring mp3s?

iLounger, “SlashMC” writes in the forums about his problem with transferring a mp3 from iTunes to iPod. Here’s what he found out at

“It is an mp3, and plays fine in iTunes and every other player. I read on that it could possibly just be bad header information and that the iPod is pretty picky, so I converted it to .aiff and then back to .mp3 with a program and now it copies to the iPod just fine.”

Review: The iPod Converts

K.J. Peterson of the Star Tribune happily decides to purchase an iPod to go with his new Mac:

“For months I agonized over whether to buy a Windows or Macintosh computer for home. In the end I leaned toward Windows, because this is, after all, a Windows world.

But then I saw an iPod, the sleek new portable music player from Apple Computer, and my world changed. I bought a Mac.”

Read the full story.

Cases: Alternative iPod Case Idea

iLounger, “celtic1” writes in our “iPod Casesforum with another idea for an alternative iPod case:

“I got my micro phone case at Brookstone here in So Cal. I do like the compact design and “dolled” it up with a small Apple icon on the flap. But what was also workable was the flip case for a Palm IIIc. I am able to zip the case to the other side and all without having to undo the headphone jack all the time. This phone case though is also good. Cushy and protective of my new ‘baby’. I love having my tunes!”

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